2017 Backyard Outdoor Living Trends in Foster City, CA; Outdoor LED & Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Kitchens, Gravel Pathways, Paving Stones & More

During the past few years more and more people have reclaimed their backyard and are spending more time outside. There are a number of scenarios in a homeowner’s life where their backyard will need redesigning. They know what they want and can get right to getting the work done. Others aren’t quite sure as to what they should do with their backyard as to what design or purpose they want. Future Vision Remodeling has put together the top 2017 backyard trends and will share what many other people are either adding or including in their new backyard designs.

Outdoor LED & Other Landscaping Lighting

Outdoor lighting has become a major trend for backyards these past few years. More and more people are using LED light because of their eco-friendly nature and efficiency. With LED becoming more affordable, this has increased the demand for better outdoor lighting to accentuate the yard’s features. They provide light to better navigate the yard at night and also adds to their home’s security. If you are preparing to redesign your backyard, consider the use of LED lighting.

Extend Living Space Outdoors

More people are enjoying their backyards as a mini retreat. They are creating outdoor living space by expanding their deck or patios to create a literal living space. Yes, they are adding outdoor kitchens, dining, lounges and even napping areas.

Outdoor Kitchen Concepts & BBQ Island Creations

One of the hottest new trends for outdoor living space is a kitchen. This is more than an awesome grill. These outdoor kitchens come complete with stoves, ovens and even sink for washing. Others are now even adding pizza oven. An outdoor kitchen is not limited to just a grill but is now a complete cooking area.

Gravel Path or Walkway with Stepping Stones

For those who are seeking an environmentally conscious, low maintenance yard that doesn’t require water and is still affordable, more and more people are turning to gravel. Those who desire it are covering the yard or larger areas of their yard with gravel. Gravel comes in many sizes and colors. Gravel looks particularly nice next to wooden decks and can feature decorative charming stepping stones. For those who still want the benefits of gravel but are not fond of the material either, there are paving stones that can be placed in different designs and can be used to cover smaller backyards or used as walkways or even driveways. Some are even removing their old concrete patios for paving stones. Paving stones also come in many shapes and sizes as well as colors. This means you have plenty of choices.

Yards for Sports or Relaxing

Many people are using their backyard for two popular reasons; relaxing or sporting. Some will create a relaxing atmosphere where they may enjoy nature and the quiet to remove the stresses of the day. Others dedicate their lives to sports and will therefore create sporting areas in backyard. This might include a basketball court or a tennis court. This type of yard does vary due to each individual’s personal taste.

Landscape Design, Architecture, Renovations & More in Redwood City, Foster City & Greater San Jose, California

There are so many ideas one can use for their backyard. The biggest question one should ask themselves when it comes to their backyard is what they mostly enjoy doing with their spare time. Is it having friends or family over for social gatherings? Is it playing a friendly game or is it being left alone to read or relax? Whatever you desire for your backyard it can become a reality. If you want to redesign and need help bringing your ideas to life in your backyard, contact Future Vision Remodeling today.

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