2018 Kitchen Cabinet Color, Countertop & Other Trends that Will Last in Los Gatos, CA

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen there are a lot of choices you need to make. The first is how well the flow of your current kitchen is and if there are any areas you want to change. Doing a whole kitchen remodel is a great time to also move the flow of the room as well. You may want to do a full redesign so that you can add windows, lighting and location of the items in the space. Tearing out the entire kitchen and starting over is a great time to get the feel and flow that you really want. You can also see the room in a whole new light once it has been stripped down to nothing. Now you want to build it back up to get the look that you really want. The great thing that you have with a kitchen remodel is that you can use several designs to get what you want. Many people want to keep their kitchen a new and modern looking space and that is why making some changes is a great idea. There are some really fun and new aspects of kitchen remodeling that have taken hold and can give you the modern touch that you want.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists New & Modern Trends For Your Kitchen Remodel Design

Bold Kitchen Color Trends: Some of the modern twists to a kitchen over the last several years was to use as much white as you can. Although white gives you an amazing clean finish for a kitchen the new trend steers towards making bold choices. White is out and you want to look at ways to add bold accents and colors to the room. White can still be used as ways to lay out the room but you want to start looking for ways to throw a blue wall or red cabinets or even forest green counters and floors to make an impact in the room. White can be what is used to bring all the new bold colors together but do not be afraid of these fun and impactful colors.
Dark Countertops: The other area of kitchen remodel that can make a huge impact on a home is the counters that you choose. The countertops are often some kind of natural stone that is cut in slabs and installed to fit your custom cabinets or island. The counter trend has been to follow the light and brightness of the room and use a white or very light color stone. The new trend lends more towards using a dark and bold color counter. You can get this when you choose a slate or granite counter. They are available in black, grey and blue shades that can be quite dark. You can see about covering your entire island with the stone including the sides as well.
Open Kitchen Shelving & Cabinets: A standard kitchen is full of cabinets that are covered with doors that close in all your belongings. The new trend that is available is to use an open or display shelf. This is a way to display your dishes, pots, pans and even your spices and cookware. This is a cool way to add color as well when you have bright cookware, pots and dishes to show off.

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