Add Value to Your House in San Jose, CA with an Extended Porch, Patio, Sunroom or Deck!

Your home is a place that you live and spend time together with family and friends. Most people want to have their home looking its very best. The house can be updated and modernized as necessary. Remodeling or renovating some of the areas of the house is a great way to add function as well as your own unique décor to the home. One area of your home that should never be overlooked is the outdoor space. There are areas around the home that you can use to create livable spaces such as an outdoor kitchen, fire pit and much more. Another area that can be increased with a remodel or building project is the porch. Some homes lack a porch all together while others are mediocre. A porch can come in many styles and types.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Options When Having A New Porch, Patio, Deck or Sunroom Installed

Open Air Porch or Covered Deck: If you have no porch at all or you have a porch that is not what you want it to be, then a new porch is the way to go. You can choose an open air porch which is quite common. The porch is installed at the front of the house and has stairs that lead up to the front door. The porch is just like a deck that has a cover over it allowing some reprieve from the weather. The open option means that there are no screening or doors around the outside of the porch. However, there is often a fencing that is used around the porch for safety purposes. You can enjoy the weather outside on any given day while still staying out of the sun or rain. The porch can be spread out so there is room on either side depending on what you want.
Wrap Around Porch: This is a great option for a home that is set on some property. The wrap around is a great addition to any home that wants to add to the homes livability. The porch literally wraps around the entire house giving you access to the entire exterior of the home. This type of porch does need some available space but adds some amazing curb appeal to any home. The porch can be open to the weather or it can have a screened in option. The standard is that the porch is open and has access where there is a door to the main house.
Front Porch: Do you want to add a small addition to the entry of your home? When you choose to have a front porch that is what you are getting. It often is a small area that is covered by a piece of the roof. The area is small but has enough space that you can add décor and or plants to the front door area.

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If you are interested in any type of porch it is best to hire a contractor that has the ability to layout and install the new porch. Future Vision Remodeling can build your perfect porch as part of our exterior remodeling services. Contact us for a consultation today!

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