Adding a Detached or Attached Garage to an Existing House in Cambrian Park, CA

There is no doubt that a garage adds value to a home. Many people won’t even consider purchasing a home if there isn’t a garage. If you are thinking about building a garage addition, there are some things you need to consider first. There is a lot more involved in the building of a garage addition than you may think. Future Vision Remodeling is here talk about all the considerations you must make before starting to build a garage onto your home.

What are the Local Land Zoning Types, Codes & Laws

Before you start thinking about adding a garage onto your existing home, you need to look into what the zoning laws are for your area. These guidelines will tell you where you can build a garage on your property as well as what size limitations there may be. There may be other requirements like roofing materials and drainage considerations. Building a garage on your property might not even be a possibility which is why this is the first step in the process.

Decide on an Attached or Detached Garage

The ideal garage choice for most homeowners is an attached garage. This is the best option for those looking for a place to store their cars when they aren’t driving them. If you are looking for an area to put a workshop, a detached garage is a better option. It allows a barrier between the house and the noise of the tools and machinery used in a workshop. Decide what your goals are for your garage and what garage option would work best for you.

Single Car Garage Door Size or Larger

For those that are planning on a single car garage, the dimensions recommended are 14 feet by 20 feet. If you are looking for a two car garage it goes up to 20 feet by 24 feet. This will, however, only allow you to get out of your car and open your doors. If you are looking for additional storage, you will need to add square footage to accommodate it.

Build the Garage to Flow as Part of the House

One of the biggest goals when building a garage addition is to build it so you don’t know it was an addition in the first place. You want it to flow with the design of the home as if it had been there all along. Choose materials that match the design of the home to create flow.

Garage Additions, Home Remodeling & More in Redwood City, Foster City, Alum Rock, Atherton, Cambrian Park & Greater San Jose, California

As you plan a garage addition you may be considering tackling the project on your own. IF you aren’t completely aware of zoning laws and other aspects of the project, this can be a mistake. The construction team at Future Vision Remodeling have the experience needed to build you a garage addition that will add functionality as well as beauty to your home. No one will know that you built it later, because it will flow with your home. Call us for more information on our garage addition services.

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