Advantages of Installing an Eco Friendly Bidet as Part of a Green Bathroom Upgrade & Remodel in Redwood City, CA; Health Benefits, Hygiene, Better for Environment & More

Although a bidet is not a fixture that is commonly seen in American homes, it is becoming more and more popular within the bathroom remodeling industry. In fact many homeowners in California are requesting that a bidet be integrated into their bathroom designs; especially those interested in eco-friendly alternatives. The United States has always been a nation that prides itself on cleanliness. In fact Americans spend literally thousands of dollars each year on personal hygiene products designed to keep their bodies clean and fresh. It is therefore surprising to many Europeans that bidets, which can be either a separate fixture or if you are lacking space, combined into a regular style toilet, are not utilized more often in American homes.

Bidets VS Toilet Paper; Eco Friendly Remodeling

Think of it this way, what could be cleaner than washing down below after using the restroom. Toilet paper doesn’t always do the job you hope it will which means you are forced to use more which often results in a clogged toilet. Bidets are not only a cleaner option for taking care of your derriere, they are also better for the environment because they save the toilet paper that you would have otherwise used to get the job completed to your satisfaction. Installing a bidet also saves water, making its use an even bigger plus for the environment. Think of the number of times that you have taken a full shower when you probably didn’t need one and the use of a bidet would have targeted the questionable areas perfectly. Not only are you wasting money on water during your extra shower, you are also spending your hard earned cash on steadily increasing utility bills.

Where Are Bathroom Bidets Popular?

Bidets can be found throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa although they are less common in Canada and Australia. Bidets are popping up everywhere in American home renovations, remodels, and new construction and the experts at Future Vision Remodeling are finding that more and more of their clients are requesting them as part of their bathroom renovations.

Benefits of Installing a Bidet During your Bathroom Remodel

Eco Friendly Remodeling – A bidet is environmentally friendly and uses significantly less energy and water when compared to the manufacture of toilet paper. In fact the use of a bidet can eliminate as much as 90% of the toilet paper used in the average household. Investing in a bidet is certainly a smart choice for consumers interested in supporting conservation efforts.
Bidets & More Sanitary & Hygienic – We can all admit that there have been times when some of the toilet paper used during our visit to the bathroom has been left behind. Water is a much more effective way to cleanse the skin, especially when combined with the use of a bidet to enhance personal hygiene levels. As many as 80% of all infectious diseases are contracted through skin-to-skin contact making a hands-free bidet the perfect way to decrease the transmission of germs.
Bidet Health Benefits – Bidets are a gentle alternative for those who suffer with health issues such as hemorrhoids or other related health problems. New mothers recovering from childbirth can benefit from the use of a bidet to encourage the body’s natural healing processes. In fact more and more people are being diagnosed with skin issues and allergies which can be relieved through the use of a bidet.

Bathroom Upgrades, Conversions, Renovations, Remodeling & More in Redwood City, Foster City & Greater San Jose, California

If you’re interested in installing a traditional stand alone bidet next to your toilet, this will require quite a major bathroom remodel as it will affect the flooring as well as space planning. You will have to make sure there is plenty of room in the bathroom for the user to squat comfortably and use the new bathroom fixture. For more information regarding bathroom remodeling for you California home, contact the knowledgeable experts at Future Vision Remodeling today.

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