Aging in Place Home Modification Design Ideas in San Jose, CA; Zero Step Entry & More

As many people age, they start to think about the challenges that come along with it. Many of the challenges are often found within the walls of their homes. The thought of moving into an assisted living arrangement seems like torture for many people, so it only makes sense to make alterations to your own home to accommodate aging in place. If you are thinking about making improvements to your home so you can age in place, Future Vision Remodeling is here to talk about some considerations to make before you start.

Plan for a Zero Step Entry into Your House

One of the first things most people think about when it comes to aging in place, is the wheelchair ramp. This is a common choice since mobility is one of the biggest problems that comes with aging. When it doesn’t make sense and is difficult to work out with your current doorway, think about other areas that you could build a wheelchair ramp. You could possibly turn a current window into a doorway to ensure you have the space needed to construct it.

Single Story or Home Elevator?

Many people think this is a no brainer. Of course you would want to purchase a single story if you are getting older. If getting around is really difficult, a single story often has a sprawling floor plan. You may benefit from installing an elevator in a two story home that has the space to do so and a floor plan that isn’t so spread out.

Senior Shower & Bathroom Design Upgrades

Showering and bathing are two difficult things to do when you don’t have the mobility or the strength that you used to. Luckily, there are a few ways to make the process a little less challenging.
Walk-In Tub– Purchasing a walk-in tub is pricey. They are not only expensive, but there is still a small step you have to take to enter the tub. Other than that, many people say the ease of having one is worth it.
Built-In Shower Seating– You can have a bench placed in your shower for somewhere to sit while washing, or you can also have a moveable seat installed along with a sturdy, but adjustable, grab bar to help you maneuver with ease.
Glass Shower Door– This seems like a good idea, but they can often hinder anybody that is trying to help you shower. A curbless shower is also something to consider so you don’t have any hurdles to overcome when you are ready to shower.

Widen Doorways to Make Openings Bigger

Wheelchairs as well as walkers require more space to get through the door. Though this job doesn’t sound very difficult, there are some considerations that should be made. You will need the help of a professional to ensure there aren’t any structural hurdles that you need to overcome before starting a project like this.

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Making adjustments to your home so you can age in place, is no small undertaking. When you have the team of experts at Future Vision Remodeling help, you know you will receive high quality workmanship. Call us today!

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