Bathroom Interior Design Trends in Foster City, CA; Luxury Minimalist, Frameless Shower & More

Setting out to remodel your bathroom can present overwhelming options. Where there many certain features already planned for your luxury bathroom, designs and other attributes can invade your thoughts. When you know the bathroom remodel is inevitable, you can turn to online research for design ideas. Currently, there are some trends homeowners are loving when getting their bathroom remodeled and we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to share them today to help your creativity flow.

Luxurious Minimalist Bathroom Interior Design

The current minimalist trend that has been running strong for the last five years is more popular now. However, the trend has evolved and though still in the minimalist criteria, becoming less so. When it comes to a defined minimalist design, it is nothing more than simple, clean, and efficient. The focus is on function rather than flair, but still have space saving and smart capabilities. Modern minimalist’s luxury bathrooms are sleeker and more efficient than ever, and to include more convenience and beauty in a contemporary American way, the minimalist design has strayed from the Scandinavian and Japanese simplicity of minimal designing. With floating vanities, gorgeous storage solutions, sophisticated, yet elegant mounted toilets that focus on high-tech function and so much more, your minimalist luxury bathroom will serve you well.

Framless “Invisible” Shower Enclosure

Not literally invisible, the invisible shower stall is a seamless glass shower enclosure combined with barrier-free shower floors. A very popular trend for 2019, the ‘infinity shower’ is ideal with the bath-to-shower conversion project, and experts believe this trend will last. An invisible shower might be what you didn’t know what you were looking for if you are attracted to maximized space, clean lines, and the sophisticated elegance of floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a shower that is far more subtle than past designs.

Windows Above the Bathroom Sink

For quite a few homeowners redesigning bathrooms in 2019, mirrors are being replaced with windows. The result can be quite interesting and appealing as long as the layout of your bathroom area faces an exterior wall for this to work. Instead of your own reflection, though still stunning, washing your hands to look out at a scenic view of the outdoors through crystal clear windows. If you are partial to the look, but still want the convenience of mirrors, they can be easily implemented into the design.

Rustic Stone & Wood in Bathroom

A year or so ago, the wood and stone trend started getting some traction and this year is strong. The masculine, raw and earthy look of wood like pine to oak and others in between harmonized with rough stone accents such as slate makes the bathroom feel cooler, offers sophistication more than the porcelain and marble does, is being adored by homeowners. To achieve this look, you do not necessarily have to settle on real wood or stone as their quite a few options with faux products if you like the look but want a specific material that does not include involved maintenance.

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