Benefits of Outdoor Landscape Garden Lighting in Santa Clara, CA; Safety, Nighttime Visibility & More

If you are currently in the process of envisioning what you want your home to look like when you finish remodeling it you will want to make sure that you do not forget about outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is an easy thing to overlook in your remodel process. Most people immediately think about their kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms but they do not always extend their vision to the outside of their home. There are many benefits to giving your outdoor lighting a boost.

Nighttime Visibility

First let’s talk about the practical perks of boosting your outdoor light. If your family likes to spend time outside nighttime visibility may prevent your family from participating in activities that they would like to do. Basketball, soccer, badminton, or horseshoes are all fun family activities that your family could participate in once the sun goes down with the appropriate lighting choices. There may currently be an area of your property that is not usable in the evening due to a lack of lighting. By putting some lights in these areas of your yard you will be able to fully utilize your entire yard no matter what the time of day is.

Outdoor Lighting Safety Tips

Outdoor lighting also provides extra safety and security for you and your family. Your family and guests will be able to navigate any exterior stairs or walkways easier with better lighting. Excellent outdoor lighting also keeps you protected from burglary and vandalism. Criminals are not as likely to select your home as a target if your outdoor lighting would be shining on them for all to see during the crime.

Where to Place Landscape Lighting for Maximum Curb Appeal

The aesthetic perks of outdoor lighting can be astounding! The first aesthetic perk is that guests can feel welcome before they even get to the front door because your outdoor lights are warm and inviting. Many homeowners have spent hours coming up with the perfect design for their house and are proud of their finished product. Outdoor lighting allows you to show off your property after sundown. It can also be used to draw attention to some of the important features in your yard or home. You can use outdoor lighting to draw attention to whatever feature you would like people to notice. Areas that can benefit from lighting include the front door, a pool, steps, driveways, garage doors, pathways, patios, address plates, landscape, and outdoor cooking areas.

Landscape Lighting Styles

As you think about your outdoor lighting you will want to think about what style you will want your lights to be. Many people choose to have their indoor and outdoor lighting styles mimic each other while others chose a different style altogether. You can choose from many different styles including Modern, Art Deco, Cape Cod, French Provincial, and more.

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Many people are also choosing to add an outdoor room to their property. Realtor magazine said that creating an outdoor room is one of the biggest trends in home ownership in 2018. Outdoor rooms are multi-functional spaces that homeowners can prep food and cook in. They have enough space to dine in and then lounge afterwards. An outdoor room with cool lighting could be the perfect touch to your property. If you are getting ready to add some outdoor lighting to your home give Future Vision Remodeling a call. We would love to discuss your options with you!

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