Biggest DIY Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Remodeling & House Upgrade Regrets in Los Gatos, CA

In today’s society there are so many home improvement do it yourself books, shows, blogs, and YouTube channels out there that many homeowners believe that they can conquer any remodeling project on their own by just doing some research. While this may be true for some projects and some individuals, it is not true for every project or every person. Future Vision Remodeling has done some research on what the most common DIY remodeling regrets are.

House Renovation Timeline

One of the largest regrets that people have when doing their own remodeling is that they rushed into the project. When you rush into a project you do not take the necessary time to truly decide what you want. Make sure that you slow down and carefully plan out your design. After you have figured out what kind of design you want, you need to see if your design option will work in your home. Many times homeowners will begin ripping down walls and light fixtures only to later find out that their design will not work in their house for various reasons. They are then stuck with walls and fixtures already torn down and no idea of how to fix it.

Underestimating Difficulty of Remodeling Project is a Mistake

Another regret that people frequently make is that underestimate how hard the project would be. Research shows that 55% of people that do their own projects significantly underestimated how long the project would take to complete. 50% said that their project was more physically demanding than they anticipated. 48% said that their project was technically harder than they were thinking that it would be. If you are considering doing a project yourself you will want to take the time to make sure that you are not getting in over your head about the project details.

Home Renovation Budget Planner

Many people do not budget properly for their do-it-yourself home improvement projects. 17% of people report that the project cost more than they assumed that it would in the beginning. A large chunk of this is simply due to a lack of knowledge. A general contractor is well aware of all of the different materials that it takes to truly complete a project and can accurately quote you a price. People that are trying to do it themselves do not always take into account the tools they will need or the finishing pieces necessary to complete their project. Tools and finishing pieces can be expensive and can really throw your budget off.

Home Renovation Nightmares; Don’t Be Disappointed with Results

The biggest regret that most people had is that their finished project did not turn out like they anticipated it would. About 55% end up feeling this way. There is nothing worse than putting your hard work into a project and not liking the end results. Interior paint jobs, tile floor installation, and hardwood floor installations top the list of projects that people do not end up loving when they do it themselves.

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If you are considering home remodeling we hope that you will take a look at these regrets before moving forward. There may be some parts of your remodel that you feel 100% confident in doing yourself. Others it may be best to leave up to us here at Future Vision Remodeling. Contact us today!

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