Can I Build a Second Dwelling on My Property in Foster City, CA? Detached ADU & More

One of the many problems that people are facing is the availability of living quarters. It seems that there are many areas around the country that are low on the available units for people to rent or purchase. If you have family such as an aging parent or a child that is venturing out alone this housing shortage can be hard to overcome. That is why many homeowners are choosing to use their property in a way to add living space. Adding more living space to your house is a great way to add value to your home and property. The interesting thing is that there are many ways to add living space and one of them happens to be called a ADU.

Future Vision Remodeling Outlines What an Accessory Dwelling Unit Is

What Is An ADU?: The term ADU Simply means accessory dwelling unit. The term is shortened to ADU but may also be referred to as secondary housing. If you have a single family home you likely have the space to add an ADU. That is why it is called a secondary house of accessory dwelling because it is not the main home. The main home is used for the owner of the property while they may choose to use the extra space as a way to increase rent or give loved ones a place to stay.
Plans for ADU: There are lots of reasons that you may want to have an ADU built on your house. The first is when you have an aging parent or loved one you might need to have them live closer to you. This is a great way to still allow them their own space to continue to have some peace but also be in an area that you can still offer your care. Another area that you can benefit from having an ADU is when you have children that are staring off their life but they need to find somewhere to live. The ADU is a great place for a new couple or even a college student to start off. Lastly you can offer your ADU to a renter where you can strictly just benefit from the increase amount of income.
Detached & Attached Room Addition ADU Types: There are many types of ADU’s that you can consider. You can use a detached ADU that is built on the property but has no access to the main house. This is best if you plan on using it as a rental property. You can also choose to have your garage renovated to an ADU or even an addition to your garage. The above garage is great especially if you have a detached garage that you can add height to. You can also use your basement that may ne finished or not as a way to have an ADU converted. You can even choose to have the access to the main house locked so that that renter or occupant is not able to gain access unless you choose.

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