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When you are considering a remodel, whether you are looking for high-end luxury or minimalist, budget is still a major piece to the puzzle. When you are looking for contractor, opting for the cheapest contractors can be more trouble than it is worth. Today we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to share what trouble you can find selecting the lowest bid.

Mistakes when Choosing the Cheapest Contractor

1) Poor construction quality. Just because you feel like you got a deal, doesn’t mean they will deliver quality workmanship. Too often the lower bidders will execute shoddy work where the results costly down the road to repair, and commonly, homeowners will have to hire a new contractor to repair the mess and give you the remodel you wanted.
2) Extension of time getting construction project completed. A very costly and quite an inconvenience are jobs that run behind schedule and take months longer than they should. Investing in a contractor that has the skilled staff, exceptional facilities, and experience to keep your project moving along rapidly may end up saving you money in the long run.
3) More home remodeling stress and anxiety. Enjoying a relatively stress-free project is always preferred and having a reputable remodeling company, even if their bid was a little more. Where saving money where you can is always a welcome vantage, if you are stressed out with the project, and it puts a bad taste in your mouth, you will avoid future renovation projects. It is worth the little extra to be calm and comfortable.
4) Contractor bill higher than estimated. Those unrealistically low prices for your project is something to be wary about, and more often than not, these companies will eventually find ways t charge and even over charge you. By the end of their projects, homeowners have shared that they ended up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars more in unexpected charges. You need to know the cost upfront, with no hidden surprises. So that you don’t receive any unexpected bills, find out the contractor’s policy on Change Orders, so that you can predict any changes that might occur on your project.

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We are diligently looking to deliver quality, our team of specialists at Future Vision Remodeling, reviews every detail of your plans during the design phase to ensure we are getting the planning just right. Prior to creating the final blueprints, this process allows us to try and give you guidance on cost, so you can make the right decision. When it comes to design and construction, the old adage “You get what you pay for,” certainly applies. Be sure to consider all aspects when you decide on a contractor for your remodeling project, as opposed to just the one with the lowest price. You want the overall experience to be enjoyable and have your remodel be everything you want and execute with quality. Call Future Vision Remodeling and let our experts take care of your remodel for quality and precision.

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