Copper Uses in Home Renovation Projects in Redwood City, CA; Countertops, Backsplashes & More

There seem to be fads that come and go when it comes to what is in style. This is true in the type of car you drive, the size of your cell phone and of course your clothes. The ever changing landscape that we live in evolves from one cool thing to the next. When it comes to your home there are some things that make it seem more modern than others. That does not mean that you need to remodel to a cold stale white environment to be hip. The style of your home can be modern and up to date but still go along with a particular fashion that you love. With that said there are some textiles and materials that have come up that more and more people are using in their own home. One of them happens to be the use of copper as a material that is used in the house. Copper is no longer something that your underground pipes are made of but a finish material that is a great addition to your home. This adds a fun accent of color and also acts as a way for your home to be unique.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Ideas for Using Copper in Home Remodels

Copper Sheet Thickness Chart: Copper does not only come in wires or pipes it actually comes in sheets as well. It is sold in the same fashion as sheet metal and other materials that you buy and cut down to fit. You want to make sure that you layout your home improvement project and measure that amount of copper that you will need. Copper is a rare material that is not cheap which is why it is a really great addition for your high end home remodel. You also want to decide on what gauge of copper you want to use. There are three main gauges of copper that you can buy. The size that you choose will depend on the project that you are trying to complete. The thinnest option is 30 gauge then you can get 26 gauge and the thickest is 24 gauge which is about the same thickness as your credit card. Make sure you know what thickness or gauge is best for you.
Copper Countertops: The first area that you can use copper sheets is for your countertop in your kitchen. You can even continue the look on the kitchen island as well. Metal has been making huge advancements in a material that people are using in their kitchen. If you go to a commercial kitchen like in a restaurant you will notice that all their surfaces are stainless steel. Copper is a great way to use a more modern material in your home.
Copper Backsplash Tiles: If you are not sold on using the copper sheets for your entire counter there is still an option. You can have copper used as the backsplash around your kitchen counters. This is a fun accent that you can use to design the rest of the colors and textures around.

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