Covered Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace, Wet Bar, Grill Island & Other Trends in Los Gatos, CA

Gone are the days of a small grill on the back patio to cook your summertime burgers. More and more people are finding that an outdoor kitchen will not only increase the value of their home, but will also extend their living space to better entertain. When making plans for your outdoor kitchen, there are several things that you need to have for convenience and functionality purposes. Future Vision Remodeling is here to talk about some of the must haves you need when making plans for your outdoor kitchen.

Choose the Right Grill Island for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Obviously, the grill is going to be one of the main components to either make or break your outdoor kitchen. When you are choosing the right grill, think about the maximum amount of people you will be entertaining. You want to have enough grill space to easily provide your guests with a meal. You want to be able to fit both the meat and vegetables on the grill at once so the meal is served warm.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Installation

Countertops are another key element in your outdoor kitchen design. You need to have ample counter space to prepare the food you will be cooking. If you don’t have the room you need to prepare your meals, you won’t use the kitchen near as much as a kitchen that has plenty of counter space for food preparation. You also want to choose a hard surface or natural stone countertop that will be able to withstand the outdoor elements.

Boost Electricity in Outdoor Kitchen

The electricity needed for your outdoor kitchen goes far beyond lighting. You want to have the electricity that is needed to operate small appliances. You may need to use a blender as you make up drinks or a food processor to help you chop and prepare food. Make sure you have boosted the electrical outlets that you have outside to help you operate any small appliances you may need.

Install a Refrigerator in Outdoor Kitchen Area

Every successful outdoor kitchen needs a refrigerator to keep food cold. You don’t need a full sized refrigerator like the one in your home, a smaller refrigerator located under the countertop should be enough for an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Wet Bar & Sink

To create a high-end outdoor kitchen area, you need to have a wet bar that includes a sink. You want to be able to enjoy a drink while preparing food and enjoying time outside. Complete your wet bar with a countertop and barstools as well.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace

When you have a fireplace built into your outdoor kitchen design, it creates a truly luxurious outdoor space to enjoy. This way, no matter what temperature it is outside, you can stoke a fire and stay warm to enjoy the night sky.

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