Custom Built in Furniture Ideas in Loyola, CA; Living Room, Kitchen, Bedrooms & More

When you’re considering remodeling your home, there are many new modern luxuries you can have. One of the many luxuries is more space. Adding more space to the individual room of your home can easily and stylishly be done by adding in built in furniture. Future Vision Remodeling will share some custom built in furniture ideas and which rooms can benefit from this remodeling concept.

Built In Furniture Remodeling Ideas

Living Room: When you want more space and a place to put your knickknacks or pictures, or you simply want storage space, consider a built in entertainment center, shelves or cabinets. There are many designs that can suit multiple purposes. Many homes are now using built in entertainment centers that provide storage space along with open shelving for knickknacks and other household items. Living rooms makes for a perfect area for built in furniture.
Bedrooms: Another consideration for built in furniture is bedrooms. Bedrooms are often tight on space and many people wish for additional room. Consider adding a built in dresser. You can also design a built in head board for the bed with wardrobe cabinets or dressers on each side of the bed. You could also provide a convenient space for books. Bedroom closets can also have built in dressers or laundry baskets, reducing the need for extra furniture in bedroom or closets.
Home Office: A home office often needs a place to store book, paper work and documents. There is a vast variety of home office built in furniture ideas you can utilize. Some will build a desk and book shelves or a small trophy stand. The person’s needs will help determine which type of shelving system you want built into your office.
Bathroom or Laundry Rooms: When you want some space to store soap or towels, you know that bathrooms or laundry rooms can be short in space. The beauty of a built in storage system is that they tend to take less space than hanging cabinets or adding large pieces of furniture that adds desired storage space. When you consider adding a built in cabinet or storage feature you are partially building inside the wall which reduces the amount of space being used inside the room. Bathrooms can have small built in shelves over the bathtub, providing a space for soaps. One can also add a small linen closet to have an area for extra towels.
Dining Room: Dining rooms often demand a china cabinet in which to display your fancy dinner wear. However, dining rooms often don’t have space for extra furniture or it can be hazardous if the cabinet gets bumped into. If you want to display some fancy china, family pictures or ornaments in the dining room, a built in cabinet is perfect for this setting.

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Once you begin to see the benefits of built in furniture you can see how they can be designed and used all over your home. However, built in cabinet designs have a few considerations as well. The electrical or plumbing work can be found throughout your home walls. Of course, you don’t want to interfere with your home’s electrical, plumbing or structural systems. When remodeling your home, make sure it is safe and possible before you begin cutting into your home walls. Ask your contractor for advice in this area. If you need high end luxury remodeling, or want to have a few built in pieces of furniture added to your home, contact Future Vision Remodeling and begin designing your home’s make over today.

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