Custom Built in Wall Shelves in Saratoga, CA; Adjustable, Open or Closed Type Shelving & More

When you are designing your home and you are looking to find more space to use for storage, having shelves built in is a great option. Many people don’t think about the storage they need until they have already had their home remodeled and renovated. They then realize that they need access to shelves for books, décor and other belongings. Now you are stuck buying book shelves and other types of shelving units that now will not only take up wall space but also take up floor space too. The better option is to have the shelves be a part of the renovation and have them built into the wall space. You want to take time to determine what you want to use the shelves for and what items you will be placing on them.

Future Vision Remodeling Spotlights Adding Custom Shelves During a Home Renovation

Open or Closed Type Shelving: The first thing that you can take into account when deciding what you want with your shelves is to determine if you want them open. This is a standard shelf that has an open look and you can see everything that is on the shelf. The other option is that you can use doors on the shelf to add design to the shelf and help to hide some of the items that are in them too.
Adjustable Wall Mounted Shelving Systems: The next thing you can look into is if you want to have the shelves adjustable. The shelves can be built so that they are a particular height and they are not able to move. The other option is to have them so that the shelves can be pulled out and moved up or down to adjust the space between. This makes them more usable and you can move around the items that you have on the shelves.
Shelf Depth & Dimensions: There is a standard depth that is used when building a book shelf but when you have them custom made you can have the depths differ when you decide what you want. You can have some deeper that are lower to the ground and more shallow when you get closer to the top. This way you can see clearly what is on the higher steps in the unit.
Paint & Finish for Shelves: The next aspect of the shelves that you can look into is how you want them to be painted or finished. You can use a color as the base of the shelves and a darker shade to let the inside of the shelf pop. You can also use a wood stain to keep the beauty of the wood. Be sure you take into account the final look that you want when having them painted and finished. You can even use the same color that you used for the trim around the rest of your house so they blend in with the rest of the décor.

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