Fireplace Update Remodel in Santa Clara, CA; Custom Mantel Shelf, Surround, Burner & More

These days fireplaces are not only an alternative to help heat your home, but they are an attractive accessory for any room. Many people gather around to enjoy a moment of cozying up, being that the fireplace is a large, artistic, elegant architectural designed structure. But like many other rooms or features in any room, fireplaces often need an updated, modernized remodel. Additionally, the fireplace may need some work to enhance the beauty it offers from decayed or damaged materials as well. With this in mind, we at Future Vision Remodeling, Inc would like to take the opportunity to offer a few ideas to give your fireplace a facelift and to offer more to it than what it is currently displaying.

Replace Gas Fireplace Burner

In the event you are working with a gas fireplace, replacing the burner is ultimately a simple method to completely change the style of it, which also alters the design and dynamic of the home. For example, a traditional setup for the fireplace can be updated simply by installing faux-wood plating to the surface, providing a more contemporary style. Installing a metal gas burner along with some fire glass is an exceptional approach, to add a touch of transitional design.

Custom Fireplace Mantel Shelf

In the event you are remodeling the surrounding area and/or the hearth, an ideal consideration is to a new mantel. A chunky floating wood mantle for more emphasis or something subtler, add a shelf that blends into your new surrounding materials. To draw more attention to the display, be sure to add some classic d├ęcor and intriguing accessories.

Fireplace Surround

Remodeling the area that encompasses the fireplace is one if the simplest options to update the look of the fireplace. By changing the surrounding with the variety of options, you can complete transform the look. For instance, install finished brick, classic tile, shiplap, cast concrete, or custom plaster around the fireplace feature. You can also use colors, patters, textures with paint without committing to an entire room, making the fireplace beautiful.

Make Fireplace the Focal Point

To give the fireplace a more attractive look, you can invest in your hearth. Replacing with a new hearth that even doubles as bench can be ideal or simply updating the finish, or add more seating, for more family bonding and intimate settings. A few throw pillows or a throw blanket will establish a cozier setting.

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You want to ensure you are using quality materials and hire a reliable company to do the work with fine craftsmanship and abilities to help you design and deliver the perfect remodel for your fireplace because no matter how you ultimately decide to make your fireplace remodel design, you need the best. Call Future Vision Remodeling, Inc if you are wanting to give your fireplace a more updated look during your next remodeling project. We are readily available to ensure your design is everything you are looking for and our artisans are more than qualified to give your fireplace the facelift, call our specialists today to schedule your consultation.

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