Green Driveway Surface Options in Pacifica, CA; Permeable Pavers, Crushed Shell & More

Now, more than ever, people are as environmentally conscious as ever. Back in the 1970’s, people in the U.S. started a movement to reduce carbon emissions and save our ozone. Before then, people had little knowledge of how greatly we were negatively impacting our Earth. Nowadays, we know the seriousness of our situation and people everywhere are opting for more environmentally friendly ways to build homes, drive cars and use sustainable resources. Wind and solar powered homes and businesses can be seen on just about every corner, electric cars drive by us on the freeway and humans everywhere are working hard on water conservation efforts by “going green” and doing their part to save our planet, one home at a time. When upgrading and remodeling your home, it’s not just what’s inside that counts. The way you remodel the outside of your home can have a huge impact on our environment as well. One simple adjustment you can make is to upgrade your driveway and walkways to permeable paving materials. There are many different options available to you, all of which are stunning, adding curb appeal and increasing resale value all while helping our environment. Permeable paving allows rainfall and other water run-off to naturally pass through to the ground, without washing harmful fertilizers, pesticides, gas, oil and other contaminants back into our oceans, lakes, streams and other water sources. Here in California, water quality is a crucial issue for everyone. Here at Future Vision Remodeling, we offer environmentally friendly driveway and walk way options. Following are some of the most stunning options available to you.

Eco Friendly Walkway & Driveway Alternatives

Natural crushed shell driveway landscaping– Crushed shell driveways are used as a paving material all across the glove. On the East Coast, natural crushed shell driveways have been around since Colonial times as a result of early-American recycling efforts and the trend is making its way onto other parts of the country. As long as the shells are sustainably sourced, this is a great way to recycle oysters, clams and other shellfish, while helping the environment. They allow water to freely pass through and they benefit the ground below as they decompose. These driveways range in color from off-white, to gray or even brown.
Permeable Pavers– Unlike traditional pavers which are filled in with concrete. Permeable pavers are instead filled with sand which allows water to freely pass through to the ground. Pavers are a stunning and elegant addition to any home. They increase curb appeal and resale value, all while helping out the environment! You can choose from brick, solid concrete pavers or even cobblestone. Pavers come in an array of textures, styles, patterns, sizes and colors to choose from and fit into any landscape design flawlessly. They have an average lifespan of 20-30 years when installed correctly and require no curing time unlike traditional pavers which can take up to 30 days to fully cure. You can incorporate pavers all around your home including around pools, walkways and driveways.
Loose stone & gravel driveway– This is perhaps the most common type of permeable paving materials used today. They are a great choice in areas where snowfall melt is not a concern, making Southern California a perfect option for a stone driveway. If you’re wanting a more natural feel for your home, this would be a great option for you. This option offers the quickest install but requires a bit of upkeep through the years. Stones and gravel come in an array of colors to fit into any landscape or home design.

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