Green Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Home Remodeling Upgrades in Sunnyvale, CA

We often hear “Go Green” or “Don’t Leave Your Carbon Footprints on the environment.” This seems to be a major theme of the current generation. This same theme follows remodeling. Even during luxury remodeling projects, more people are seeking environmentally friendly additions to their home. If you are among those who are looking for ways to remodel your home with an environmental friendly theme in mind, Future Vision Remodeling will share a few ideas you can add to your home’s next remodel.

Green Home Improvement Remodeling Ideas

Local Material: If you want to reduce your carbon footprint then start by looking for local materials. When doing a major remodeling project materials will need to be brought to the site and some ordered from out of state. If you order from out of state or from a major distance, the items or materials must be shipped to your home. This can include shipment and delivery by truck and plane. As a suggestion to reduce the need for extra carbon emission, seek out local materials. This can include fixtures, hardware, trim and other common household goods.
Recycled or Upcycled Materials: For luxury remodeling, most people don’t consider using recycled or upcycled materials. However, recycled items can be prefect for those who like a rustic or colonial themed home. Countertops made of recycled glass such as Vetrazzo is a highly desired and beautiful material that can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms. Recycled wood makes for a wonderful rustic floor or trim work. Even during a luxury remodel, if you want to go green don’t discredit recycled materials.
Smart Home: Smart home systems can provide better control to your home appliances, HVAC system, and even lighting control. Motion detecting lights can be used inside and outside to provide light and even act as an alert system and reduce the amount of power used in a home. Skylights, even though not considered a smart device to provide better control is another way to reduce day time power usage. Technology can help reduce the amount of power we use and prevent power waste.
Low Flow Faucets: Water conservation is essential, especially here in California due to the extended drought we’ve experienced. For homeowners who are looking for greener solutions consider replacing your home faucets with low flow or water conservation plumbing. This can include toilets, kitchen and bathroom faucets, and shower heads.
Solar Power: Want to reduce your carbon footprint completely? Then consider going solar. The state of California has the highest solar development than any other states. We have the opportunity to become energy dependent and allow our roofs to generate enough power for your home. With solar panels and battery storage systems you can generate and save enough power to never require power from the state’s power service companies which produce carbon emission constantly. If you want to go green and stop adding to the carbon emissions that are effecting our environment, then consider investing in solar energy. Solar energy is a reliable and clean method of producing power for your home.

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