Guest House Design Concepts in Los Gatos, CA; Sleeping Quarters, Bathroom & Necessities

Throughout the year most people will have guests that seem to come for a visit. It can be just to spend some time together or a chance to see family that you don’t live near anymore. During the holidays and summer the amount of guests visiting usually increase. Most of the time you have to set the house up to accommodate them. This can mean kids getting kicked out of their rooms, sharing a bathroom and spreading out suitcases in the living room. The time that people spend at your house can be a real drag. The amount of clutter and lack of space is a great reason to think about adding a guest studio to the house or property. You can have an attached or free standing guest studio depending on the needs and the property that you have to deal with. You want to make sure that you consider all the aspects of guests staying so they are able to enjoy their time with you when designing your guest studio.

Future Vision Remodeling Outlines What to Put in Your Guest Room

Sleeping Quarters: The first thing that you really want to make sure you include in your guest studio is space that the people are able to sleep. The most important aspect of staying somewhere when you are visiting or on vacation is a place to finally lay down and get a good night of sleep at the end of the day. When you are choosing a layout for your new guest studio you want to think about how much space you want to use for sleeping. You also need to take into account the type of beds that you want to have as well.
Bathroom in Guest House: The next area that needs to be given some attention when designing your guest studio is the bathroom. The guests that stay want to be able to shower and use the restroom without having to go over to the main house. The bathroom should include a toilet, closet space to keep towels and other toiletries. Also a shower but a bathtub can be a great addition if you are going to have small kids coming often.
Guest Kitchen: When you go on a vacation and visit, eating out can get old really fast. If you are staying somewhere that does not have access to a kitchen you are stuck buying foods that need no preparation of cooking at all or you are out to buy food. If there is a kitchen in the studio your guests can bring in some groceries and make their own meals if they so choose. This can be a small studio kitchen and still have the appliances that you would need to cook and store food.
Other Guest Room Necessities: Do you have guests that stay for a long period of time? If so it might be a great idea to add a stackable laundry room. That way they can do some laundry when they need to. You also want to make sure that you set up the space with televisions, couches and extra linens so that you are not sending your own items from the house over when guests arrive.

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