Kid Friendly Remodeling Ideas in San Mateo, CA; Family Style Kitchen, Cool Bedroom Theme & More

One of the things we like most about our job here at Future Vision Remodeling is that we get to help families design the home of their dreams. Each and every family has a unique lifestyle. When you go to build or remodel your home you will want your house to work well with your family’s lifestyle. If you have kids you will want to make sure that you build in kid friendly design features throughout your home.

Family Style Kitchen

Let’s start with your kitchen. There are so many fun remodeling tips for your kitchen that are family friendly. First up is to make sure that you select an easy to clean countertop surface. Kids are infamous for their uncanny ability to make messes all over your kitchen countertops. If you have an easy to clean surface this will be not be a big deal. We suggest looking at marble, quartz, or laminate. You will not want to go with tile or porous natural stone. It does not seem to matter what mom you talk to keeping their kids fed is practically a full-time job. Somedays its like your kids just cannot stay full no matter how much they have eaten. You will want to make sure that you have a large pantry in your kitchen. A large pantry will ensure that you have plenty of room to store all of the food to keep your kids full.

Cool Kids Bedroom Theme Ideas

Throughout their childhood your kids will spend countless hours in their bedrooms. When you are remodeling you will want to evaluate what your kids will need not only right now in their bedrooms but what they will need in the years to come. Some people choose to have built in shelving in their kids closets or bedrooms. If your kids are old enough you should include them in the decision-making process. Clearly they are not old enough to make large decisions but there are some smaller decisions that they can help with. They will have fun helping pick out some of the options for their bedroom. You can let them pick out the paint colors or decorations for their room. They will truly love it if they got to have a say in the process.

Playroom & Family Room Combined

Keeping your kids entertained is not an easy feat. Sometimes it can be even harder to know where to put all of the toys and electronics that can help them stay entertained. Many families choose to devote a loft, den, or bedroom as a kids’ room. When you have younger kids this typically houses all of their toys. As they get older it can shift to a sports or electronic room. It is important to give your kids as space where they feel like they can hang out with their siblings and friends.

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We hope that as you take the time to consider your remodeling project you will make the choices that are the best for your entire family. Give Future Vision Remodeling a call today and we can get your project started.

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