Landscaping for Beginners in Redwood City, CA; Ideas for Landscape & Outdoor Living Space Designs

First time homeowners that wish to refresh the look and design of their yards, often find it difficult to know where to start. Some may want a more water friendly yard or some may want to plant a garden and fill the yard with edibles while others may want a welcoming place for entertaining. Future Vision Remodeling has a few tips in directing you in designing your new yard to fit your personality, wants, and desires.

Ideas for Landscape Design Plans

It first helps to get ideas on want you like, or think you might like, by going online and looking for other yard designs and layouts. You have basic searches, gardening or landscaping blogs, and even Pinterest that all show many great ideas in yard design that other people have done. However, make sure to be realistic and know what “zone” you live in. Central California is considered zone 9, which means you will want to find plants and other vegetation that can grow and thrive in zone 9 environments. By knowing your zone and what plants will grow therein, it helps to keep your ideas on track as to your actual environment. Especially for those who may want to redesign their yard to plant a garden. Learn what time of year you should plant and how to care for your garden. You might find you may need to start redesigning your yard before the planting season begins or after it ends. If you’re planting a garden, make sure to write down all the plants you want or will be planting to help the landscaper better plan for your yard’s redesign.

Designing Yard in Sections

For some, you may have to work on redesigning your yard in sections. This is why it is important to have a finished idea of how you will want to redesign your yard, so you do it in the correct order. You don’t want to work out of order or it can damage or prevent future implement of designs. One of the first things you should begin with when installing a yard is the sprinkler system to properly and efficiently water the plants you plan to put in your yard. It is important to be water conscious, such as what kind of plant you’re planting and how much water they will require so that the sprinkler system can be properly installed.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Don’t just think about plants and lawns. There are many other considerations such as outdoor living spaces or even a child’s play area. You may even want a built-in basketball court or other sport area you may want in your back yard. Yards don’t always have to be plants, lawns or gardens. Don’t feel restrained when designing your back yard. Don’t forget decks, porches, or even gazebo. They can all be part of your new landscaping.

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As you begin to create your ideas whether it’s something you’ve draw out or found online, save the information. Present your ideas to your landscaper or contractor. We can take your ideas and make them a reality. We can even digitally design your yard before installing it to help you envision your new yard and how it would look before the work begins. This way you can be sure that you don’t want to make any adjustments or changes. If you’re looking to redesign your yards to make them fit your personality and lifestyle, contact Future Vision Remodeling. We consult, design and install. It’s our job to bring your ideas and desires for your yard to life. Contact Future Vision Remodeling to begin designing your future yard today!

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