Luxury Pantry Design Ideas in Los Altos Hills, CA; Create a Butler’s, Walk In & Other Pantries

A lot of effort goes into the layout, design and décor of a high-end kitchen remodel. After all, this is where people gather most often. Where there is good food, there is good company, and everyone wants to wow their guests with the best. When considering the layout of your new kitchen, don’t overlook the pantry! One of the most utilized areas of a home are the storage areas. It makes things appear more organized and well put together when there isn’t a bunch of clutter laying about. Having ample storage space makes this possible. There is no right or wrong way to design a pantry, you simply want to ensure you will have enough space to store the things you need to, with room for extras along the way. You can implement the same design strategies from the kitchen into the pantry so the room flows nicely, and everything blends together well. The most popular pantries are hidden pantries. After all, you want your guests to focus on the detail and importance of the design of your kitchen, rather than where you store your appliances. Future Vision Remodeling is here with the best kitchen pantry styles of 2019.

Traditional & Modern Butler’s Pantry

In days past, the butler’s pantry was traditionally used to store silver, china and other kitchen items. Silver was guarded and kept under lock and key by the butler who would actually sleep in the pantry to keep these items safe from thievery. In more modern homes, the butler’s pantry has evolved into a chic and charming secondary food prep space with ample storage for appliances, serving pieces, tableware, table linens, food and cleaning supplies. This is also a popular space for ice makers and wine racks or stemware holders. Butler’s pantries are typically located off the kitchen or placed between the kitchen and formal dining area. This space comes complete with countertops and a prep sink so you can prepare food without making a mess in the same area where guests are to gather. You can also opt for a dishwasher and refrigerator to be placed into this space. This space can also double as a bar when needed.

Walk In Pantry Floor Plans

If you just don’t have the space or the need for a whole butler’s pantry, the next best thing is a walk-in. Concealed behind a door for storing privacy, open faced shelving and cabinetry give you easy access to all your stored items. Shallow shelves ensure nothing gets lost in the back of a shelf ever again. This pantry will give you ample storage space for all your kitchen necessities and you can even incorporate a smaller closet space inside the walk in to conceal vacuums, mops, brooms and other cleaning essentials.

Pantry Wine Storage

If you’re an avid wine drinker, chances are you probably have an impressive wine collection. It’s important to have a well thought out plan as to where to store your wine bottles. You can incorporate your wine storage into your pantry, or you can create a space all its own to store and display your impressive collection. Incorporating a space to strategically store your wine glasses in the same vicinity as your wine bottles will add convenience and be aesthetically pleasing. Open faced wine storages are popular so you can have easy access to your collection, and it can always be on display during a gathering or party.

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The kitchen pantry has truly evolved over the years. It’s no longer a dark dungeon located at the back of your kitchen. You can have a beautiful, clean and bright space to help keep your home’s organization under control at all times, without compromising the beauty of your kitchen. Future Vision Remodeling can’t wait to build you your dream kitchen and pantry. The perfect pantry is waiting for you. Contact us today to get started.

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