Newest Kitchen Trends in Morgan Hill, CA; Custom Island, Built In Bars, Open Shelves & More

Within the homes, kitchens are often the heart, where family and friends congregate for meals, snacks, projects, and other family bonding. Because of the common area, many people focus on remodeling the kitchen. Whether you are looking to update the kitchen to modernize the style and upgrade the appliances or want to renovate to alter the dynamic of your kitchen to boost the cooking, baking and hosting. No matter your reasons for the kitchen remodeling, we at Future Vision Remodeling, Inc would like to share the current trends for ideas or considerations.

Modern Built In Bars for the Home

Ideal for homeowners who enjoy hosting friends and family gatherings, having a sizable bar built into your kitchen can be a beneficial solution. Designed with custom sized cabinets and shelving, the bar does not have to take up too much space in your new kitchen. To hold snacks, wine, spirits, and bottles, little nooks and cubbies can be built into the bar. If you have a narrow space, the wall-fixed table with smooth edges to avoid the danger of sharp corners.

Custom Kitchen Island

To provide function and aesthetics, the islands are a classic trend that assists the multitaskers. No matter if you have a larger kitchen or a smaller one, you can customize the size and features. Your islands can be designed with storage purposes, a platform for food preparation, and extra sink, or other needs. While serving the practical needs, the island can be used as a focal point in the kitchen’s design style.

Open Kitchen Shelves

To create unique and artful displays with dishware, serving pieces, or showcase decorative collection, the open shelving, a rather popular trend, can add storage solutions as well as design. Wood, stainless-steel, and glass are common materials used on open shelves.

Kitchen Decorating Colors

Color plays an important role in the room and psychologists has proven that color impacts moods and emotions. You do not necessarily need to focus on the current color scheme trends when you are undergoing the kitchen’s remodel. The color should be what will offer a more serene environment for you and your family. Remember you want the colors to harmonize the kitchen’s style and provide complimentary color schemes. The walls, ceiling, cabinets, flooring, countertops, furniture, and other materials should all be considered when selecting the colors for your kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Countertops

Countertops should not be overlooked in your remodel and as a growing trend, it is important to no the specs. Materials should be considered for their longevity, the potential maintenance involved, the food prep, the resistance capabilities, and so forth. Right now, the homeowners are popularizing the granite, quartz, and stainless-steel options. When selecting one right for your kitchen remodel, take the time to weigh out the pros and cons.

Kitchen Backsplash

While planning the details of your kitchen renovation project, the increasing trend is the creative backsplashes in addition to the cabinetry, appliance upgrades, countertop update, floor replacement, wall space, and other features. For your backsplash pattern, color, and textures will help provide the selection decisions to help offer an overall style.

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