Planning a Room Addition in Los Altos Hills, CA; Build Up, Bump Outs & Other Types of Additions

When a family outgrows a home often the need for more space is in high demand. When the home is too small, one option is to move into a bigger home. Or if you’d rather, you can add more space to your existing home with a room addition. Adding onto the home can help add more of the living space or you can add an additional bedroom, home office or sun room. Depending on the needs of the household, room additions are a great and affordable way to add more space versus selling your home to go in search of a larger home or a home better suited for the household. When considering adding onto your home, Future Vision Remodeling has some advice on where to start and how to begin a room add-on project.

Planning a Home Addition

When you find the need for more living space in your home, a room addition is a worthwhile option. The first step, which often speaks for itself, is the purpose of the room. Often the need for more space and where that space is desired helps determine what will be the needs, such as electrical work, plumbing and foundations. Adding an additional bathroom has a lot of aspects to cover such as the plumbing, electrical, ventilation as well as the structure itself. Some rooms may need less utilities than others. However, the purpose must be determined first in order to properly design and get the permits needed.

Room Addition Building Permits & Inspections

Once you decide on the addition’s purpose you will then want to seek out a contractor to help design and prepare the documents for the permits. Depending on the nature of the room addition, you will need to get permits and inspections of the completed project. Designing the room addition is often done with 3D design programs which helps the homeowner see the final result of the add both inside as well as outside. It is equally important that the outside of the home blends with the rest of the home’s exterior. When seeking a contractor, ask if they provide consultation and design. In most cases you will need a building permit for a room addition. You will want to look up local code department and see what permits will be needed. In many cases hiring a contractor can help guide you in getting all of the permits needed for the desired room addition. When applying for a permit often the city may require the plans of the add on. Depending on the nature of the room addition don’t be surprise to find you will need permits for adding utilities such as electrical, plumbing, gas, and structural.

Bump Outs & Other Types of Room Additions

Room additions can go on top of an existing room or second floor and attach to the home from the ground. When adding on to the home, often you will need to determine where to put the room so it makes sense with the rest of the home’s layout. Some walls can be removed. However, load baring walls will need to remain. Again consulting with a professional contractor can help determine where would be the best place for the room additions as well as what walls can be removed or altered to make space for the addition.

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When needing more space and you want to add a room or extend out to make an existing room bigger and more luxurious, contact Future Vision Remodeling and begin a consultation today.

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