Rebuilding a Wildfire Damaged Home in Foster City, CA; Fire Damage Restoration Procedure

When your home catches fire it can be one of the worst experiences you face. All of your belongings are gone along with items that hold precious memories. Depending on how severe the fire the worse the experience can be. Future Vision Remodeling understands how losing a home can be difficult. This is why we want to help make rebuilding your home a more easy and pleasant experience for you and the rest of the household members. We will walk you through the process and help you through each step to rebuilding your home after a fire.

Simple Fires

Fire damage and the severity of the fire can determine what will be needed when repairing the home. Each house fire is different and the cost of repair needs will vary. If the home has a simple fire where the damage was minimal, then the restoration is much less involved. When a minimal fire occurs, in most cases a contractor will just need to remove the damaged materials and replace them. Simple fires can be quickly repaired. The biggest challenge is then removing the odors from the smoke and soot.

Complex Fires

A complex fire damage is often much more severe and in many cases, it is often recommended you demolish the entire house and rebuild the home from the ground up. When fire damage becomes too severe, the heat can weaken what may appear to be something untouched by the fire. With the weakened materials, the home can become hazardous which is why most homes that have severe damage will be torn down and completely rebuilt.

Home Rebuilding Process After a Fire

When a home catches fire you and all other household members need to evacuate the home immediately. Once everyone is safely out of the home, call the fire department for assistance. Watching your home burn is a very stressful sight. The last thing on your mind is calling your insurance company. However, once the fire has been put and you have had time to process everything that has happened, you will want to call your insurance company and advise them of the fire. Most homeowner insurance covers fire damages. They will send out an insurance adjuster who will come to your home at once and begin making their report. Once the report comes back they will send a claims report for you to begin to file out. Your insurance will provide you with a coverage cost for the repairs. When you are anticipating a certain return from your insurance company, there are some factors you should be aware of that can determine the cost of rebuilding your home.
How much damage the fire has done to your home. Smoke as well as the fire can cause damages to the home.
What method was used to douse the fire? Fire hoses can cause water damage and in some cases, result in more needed repairs. Then there are some chemical methods such as fire extinguishers that also can cause wall and other damages inside the home.
How hot the fire was is another factor. As stated earlier immense heat can weaken certain materials including wood, which is used for structural support.
What cleaning will be involved to reclaim existing items and household materials?

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After the insurance company determines what repairs they will cover, you can begin seeking out a fire restoration contractor. When rebuilding your home some features can be changed and enhanced. You don’t always have to stick with the same home structural design. When redesigning and rebuilding your home after a fire, contact Future Vision Remodeling today.

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