Requirements for Building a Wine Cellar with Cooling System & Lighting in Foster City, CA

Dedicating a space for your wine collection takes more planning than you may suppose if you want to keep the wine properly stored. Adding a little wine cellar or room is a surprisingly growing trend for many homeowners who have the space available for such a commodity. But we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to remind those looking to renovate a room and transform it to the wine storage area.

Wine Cellar Requirements

1) Location. The location of your wine storage tops the list of considerations. Basements are the perfect place, but not everyone has that option, especially in California. A corner of the home that is not exposed to direct sunlight is the second best option. So if you can keep these fundamentals in mind when finding the perfect nook for your wine storage room, you can have an efficiently built wine cellar. Controlling the temperatures and humidity levels are important and if done properly can minimize maintenance expenses.
a) Maintain 55 Degrees Fahrenheit: 55 degrees Fahrenheit give or take 2-4 degrees is the ideal temperature for wine storage. Warmer temperatures will expedite the aging process of your wine and cooler temperatures slow the aging.
b) Maintain 57% Humidity Levels: Your wine can easily be ruined in humidity levels that exceed 70% humidity as it is very susceptible to mold growth on the cork. However, humidity levels of less than 50% will spoil the wine as the cork will simply dry out.
c) Adequate Space: Humble storage rooms can be fitted nearly anywhere; a collection of 200-250 bottles for example, only needs about 30 square feet. However, an adjacent room, known as the exhaust room needs to be factored into the allotted space and this room is typically larger than the storage space.
2) Build Out. Framing, insulation, and drywall need enough space to construct your wine room. Framing can be handled with basic 2X4 or 2X6 walls. Although the thicker walls allow for exceptional insulation, offering you more control of the environment. Spray foam insulation is optimal as it serves both as an insulator and vapor barrier, which is important for any wine cellar; other choices create additional complex details.
3) Cooling Unit Installation. Not a typical cooling unit is used in this application as you also need it to control humidity levels. Unit is typically installed in the framing wall and it controls the temperature and humidity as well as exhausts the heat into the exhaust room, which needs to be large enough to absorb it.
4) Lighting. Where the design of the wine room requires cool temperatures, you do not want to sacrifice proper illumination to the point where you can’t admire the newest addition to the home. Traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs are known to emit a lot of heat, which is not acceptable in the wine cellar. LED lights come in a variety of styles and options and they produce no heat. LED strips, puck lights, and track lights are examples of lighting that can show off your collection in unique ways.
5) Doorway Seal. Consider glass doors of adequate size to not only view your wine collection in a stunning display, but a glass door of exterior grade that is well insulated will provide the proper door sealing you need to protect your collection.
6) Adding Humidity. If you are having difficulty maintaining high enough humidity levels an elegant and decorative alternative to help increase the levels would be the use of elegantly designed wall fountains or waterfall.
7) Wine Display. The final consideration will be choosing how to store and display your wine bottles. With multiple methods, such as racks, bulk storage, or ready-made pine or metal racks can give you versatility when finding the custom edge you want to complete the look of your wine cellar or room.

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