Sunroom Comfort Design Ideas in Los Gatos, CA; Tall Open Walls, Glass Roof Panels & More

Adding a sunroom to your home can be ideal if you ever want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors but the weather conditions, insect life, or severe allergies keeps you cooped up. Sunrooms are designed to offer the unique experience of being outside but allowing you to enjoy the comforts and conveniences of being inside. Sunrooms can be the perfect solution to create the optimal recreation room, designate a quiet relaxing space to enjoy your reading hobbies, indulge in a spa room for mediation, a refuge for pets, or even an enclosed area to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. No matter what idea you have for your sunroom, they can be a luxurious addition to your home. We at Future Vision Remodeling, Inc would like to share some of the trending sunroom designs as you decide what direction to take your sunroom.

Sunroom Extension & Design Ideas

Sunrooms are beneficial for number reasons and some are even for your health. Sunlight exposure feeds vitamin D, improves mood, and promotes a better night’s sleep. Though these are just a few examples, you can’t always spend enough hours exposed to the outdoors. The sunroom gives you the perks of the outdoors without leaving your home. Whether you are looking to remodel your current sunroom or add one onto your home, below you will find some current trends to give you ideas how you want your sunroom.
1) Sunroom Patio Enclosure. An amazing sunroom has few walls. The idea is to let as much light in as possible. Consider the walls comprised all of glass or select extra large windows in the walls, depending on your preference. You do not necessarily have to have roof be completely transparent. It could be partial, or completely solid to offer a little refuge from constant sun. With solid walls, consider painting them neutral colors of pale earthy tones or bright shades of pastels to complement the natural surroundings.
2) Heating & Cooling a Sunroom Addition. The sunroom is a sunny place and in the summers, the heat can penetrate into the room, making it hot and stuffy. Adding air conditioning or ceiling fans can make the room more comfortable on hotter days. Additionally, the winters could make the room cold and a small fireplace can help keep the room warm so it can be enjoyed all year round with the added décor.
3) Sunroom Comfort. The sunroom is a refuge or an oasis to spend your leisure time socializing with loved ones or cozying in quiet place to read or meditate. In any case, you want to make sure the comfort levels are high. Trending furnishings include daybeds that are functional seating or still allow you to get cozy under the covers. To soften the hard surface floor, soft and fluffy rugs are being placed that are made of plush or wool to add the extra texture to the décor.
4) Sunroom House Plants. For a natural sunroom, greenery is essential. Keeping house plants in your sunroom will help purify the air and make breathing easier. Green is a color of peace and harmony to help influence a relaxing mood. There are many plants that can bring your sunroom to life that are simple to maintain.
5) Practical Uses of a Sunroom. A sunroom is often described as a secondary living room. However, designing experts are encouraging people to use their sunroom as a multi-purpose room. Some are incorporating a gym or personal yoga area where others are installing a pool or Jacuzzi. If you tend to host a lot of family events you can decorate into a large dining room. Sunrooms are also making great office spaces for those who do a lot of work at home and don’t want to feel cooped inside. No matter what you have in mind, your sunroom can function for practical uses as well.

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