Sunroom or Enclosed Porch Ideas in Campbell, CA; Windows, Roof Design, Fireplace & More

Enclosed porches are a great way to expand living space and enjoy nature but with some additional comforts. There are some elements of enclosed porches that can create a luxury addition to any home when they all come together harmoniously. Future Vision Remodeling will share some of these elements and give a few considerations on how an enclosed porch benefits your home and all your household members.

Purpose & Theme Enclosed Porch Ideas

Enclosed porches are an additional room to a home that is enclosed but opened up to nature at the same time. For those with outdoor allergies who wish to connect more with nature or outside without suffering from outdoor allergens, enclosed porches are prefect. One major consideration before designing an enclosed porch is to designate its purpose. Some like to have a better dining experience or some look for a place to relax or even have a lush indoor garden. After deciding what you want to use an enclosed porch for, your next decision is theme. Classic country or an outdoor cabin look are often chosen. Some prefer the modern look or even an outside cultural theme has been used.

Enclosed Porch Windows

Next, let’s talk about the actual structure. Most enclosed porches are still designed with an open feel. This is typically accomplished by using large windows to open the area up. Windows are a key component when it comes to an enclosed porch for several reasons. One, it makes you feel more part of the outside and nature, yet you’re still inside. Second, it brings plenty of natural light during the day and it also provides that transparent barrier from the outside pollen and other elements you may want to avoid. However, when there are large windows encompassing around you, you will want to control the amount of sun light that comes through. This can be achieved in a few ways. You can use blinds, shutters, curtains or even tinted glass.

Back Patio Fireplace

Another element you may want to consider is a fireplace. Most of the time enclosed porches aren’t insulated, heated, or cooled like the rest of the house. Using a fireplace to warm up on those cooler nights creates a great atmosphere for relaxing or socializing. Light is another element that may be needed for night time use as well. Wall mounts or ceiling lights are ideal for enclosed porches. You may even want to have ceiling fans to circulate fresh air and keep cooler.

Enclosed Porch Roof Designs

The roof style can play another major role. However, sometimes the roof of an enclosed porch is determined by where the porch is connected to the rest of the house. High ceilings help make the enclosure feel bigger and more open then when the ceiling is too low. Some may add skylights for more natural light during the day or other natural lighting options. The feel or theme and full on design of your enclosed porch will also help determine how your roof and ceiling is designed and constructed.

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Above are but a few of the elements of an enclosed porch. The desired use of the area will help determine the rest of your layout. If you want to add an enclosed porch to your home, contact Future Vision Remodeling. We provide high-end luxury remodeling and additions to homes. To begin bringing your ideas and desires to reality, contact Future Vision Remodeling today.

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