Tips for Connecting & Tying in a New Home Addition to Your Existing House in Redwood City, CA

Expanding your living area by building an addition can be an effective way to obtain more living space. With proper planning the transition, a few considerations need to be addressed. The reveal or appearance is one. If the room is in a part of the yard, let’s say the backyard, there is certain flexibility involved in the design of the exterior. If access is through a load bearing wall, caution and planning is a must. Special precautions are needed to prevent collapse of the structure. A garage enclosure or a front reveal addition has to be planned to match the base home to visually match the home. Blending the roof and matching walls can be a challenge. Your addition may have to repaint the entire house to match.

Plans for a Bathroom Addition?

Adding a bathroom with drains can be problematic. Most drains are installed under the floor. Those with the drains running through a basement may find it easier to connect to than a slab structure. Water supply and power are more easily accommodated in a new addition.

Connecting Home Addition to Existing House

Windows should blend with existing windows. Design should not radically differ from other doors or exterior lighting fixtures. It is a given that the interior is very much your own. Going to the expense of adding an addition to your home would indicate you are not planning to leave soon. Floor and wall flourishes can therefore suit your own tastes.

Are Building Permits Required for Room Addition Remodeling?

Plans are required to obtain your building permits. You will need electrical, structural and if necessary plumbing plans for your permit. Some jurisdictions are less formal and will accept a hand drawn sketch while others will require actual professionally drawn plans with even perhaps a stamp by an engineer, particularly for trusses. In many jurisdictions your addition will subject to periodic inspections at the completion of different phases of the build.

Purpose of Home Addition; Family, Living, Great Room or Other

Decisions on floor and wall coverings are made and other considerations include electrical fixtures like lights, fans and outlets. You will also need to keep window treatments in mind tailored the rooms planned use. Man cave, family entertainment center, den or a teenager’s bedroom all will influence the final choices regarding color and materials. Fewer decisions involved compared to building a custom home, but ones you will have to live with for some time to come.

Home Room Additions & More in Redwood City, Foster City & Greater San Jose, California

A true professional if consulted early in the preliminary design phase may make suggestions that you either have not considered or were not aware of their existence. Properly executed, an addition adds value and equity to your home as well as addresses the need for more space. As with most investment it may take time to mature your equity as time builds your home’s value. An older home with a lot of equity may make for a better candidate for expansion than selling and buying new at current prices. Not only do you have to consider resell value, utilization of the addition for that period that you live and enjoy your home has a value of its own. For ideas and cost estimates consult a professional. Contact Future Vision Remodeling for more information and to schedule a consultation.

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