Traditional, Contemporary or Transitional Kitchen Design & Remodeling Ideas in Woodside, CA

Some people like the look of a traditional kitchen, others like contemporary. People like traditional kitchens because they offer warmth. That’s great for what many people consider the heart of the home; the kitchen. Contemporary kitchens offer more workspace and function that is highly valued. How do you know which style will work better in your home? Future Vision Remodeling offers some helpful tips.

Transitional Kitchen Meaning

The term “transitional” refers to “in between”- so when it comes to the kitchen it’s the coming together of traditional and contemporary designs. A transitional kitchen provides the ornate comfort of a traditional style and the sleek cleanliness of a contemporary kitchen. Instead of having to choose one over the other, you can pick out the parts from each that you like the most. When you pick and choose that aspects that you like from each you can create your very own look. One that will be unique to you!

Timeless Transitional Kitchen Ideas

1. Use simple kitchen cabinets with sleek hardware. The cabinets in a kitchen take up a lot of what you see. If you want a transitional kitchen you will need to use cabinets that are streamlined and downplayed. These cabinets should therefore be more low profile, like shaker style doors or cabinets free of any intricate carvings. Think simple and add minimal and modest hardware that nods to the contemporary look.
2. Combine neutral colors & texture elements in kitchen. The color palette in a transitional kitchen makes it a timeless kitchen. This design typically uses whites, beiges, or grays. You can still feel free to add a splash of color to create a little contrast in color to break up a look that can be quite uniform. White cabinets with dark countertops can create a stunning look.
3. Streamlines kitchen accents. When you think about a traditional kitchen you think decorative accessories. Contemporary kitchens usually don’t include these intricacies. But with transitional kitchens we blend. Therefore, a transitional kitchen should include simple accents, like smaller crown molding and little use of wainscoting and corbels. A transitional kitchen is less fancy and elaborate, which is the look you want.
4. Get creative with embellishments in kitchen. If you find that you’re leaning toward one style more than the other, you can take advantage of it. This can be done through embellishments and accents. Typically, for a transitional kitchen you will use natural or man-made materials. Try using glass cabinets or natural stone granite for the countertops.
5. Textures and kitchen design. While the colors in a transitional kitchen are more subdued, you can create texture. Use polished marble for the backsplash, or a sleek quartz for the countertop. You can pull the space together by using a rustic stone or tile that will create some character at the same time.

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Transitional kitchens can be a great way for homeowners that are unsure about what they really want to get the best of both worlds. Including both traditional and contemporary elements can get you exactly the look you want. Contact the design consultants at Future Vision Remodeling to create your kitchen into a transitional space. Give us a call today!

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