Uses of Concrete as an Innovative Luxury Material in Interior Design in Los Gatos, CA

You may find yourself going in an unexpected direction when selecting luxury materials for your Greater San Jose, California home’s renovation. Concrete is a more versatile material than anyone in the past had ever given it credit for and is quickly getting noticed. Considering concrete for a variety of applications is a very wise investment for your luxury renovations and we at Future Vision Remodeling, Inc would like to elaborate

Properties of Concrete

Using concrete as your residential luxury material of choice offers homeowners many amazing benefits. One of the primary advantages is the longevity. Not only will it last for years, but when done right, it will look incredible. Another benefit is the durability. Anyone who has tried to demolish a concrete patio can attest to the sturdiness concrete has to offer. The aesthetics is a benefit as you can mimic many finishes and still attain the durability and longevity of concrete. Most think of generic gray concrete, but there are countless options when using concrete for your luxury remodel. Knowing the options is the first step. The last among the top advantages is the versatility is noted earlier. It can be used in nearly any room in a number of applications and look astonishing. Concrete also has structural benefits that include fire resistance, reduces outside noises, limits the damage of wood destroying insects such as termites, offers more resistance to high-winds than wood structures, and improves HVAC system efficiency.

Uses of Concrete in a Home

Concrete can be easily used anywhere in your home. The foundation is only the fundamental location, but do not stop there. Concrete can be a flooring option dyed and polished or used to build shelving, islands, or other structures. Concrete countertops and concrete cupboards are other kitchen trends. Concrete is being applied in bathrooms as well as in walk-in showers for a bonus safety feature. Bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms are finding the use of concrete walls a great technique to modernize and enhance the architectural design. A great option for those drawn to modern and industrial interior designs, concrete surfaces go a long way.

Interior Concrete Finishes

Concrete has diversity; it can be easily painted or tinted, or the traditional look can be easily applied. Concrete can be highly-polished and enhanced with a full tint or if your tastes prefer, it can be completely painted over. Though it can still display luxurious results with the faux options, it is an inexpensive option, getting the best of both worlds. Concrete surfaces are extremely easy to maintain. When properly utilized the concrete material used in your luxury remodel has little restrictions. Concrete has its uses for exterior applications as well that will optimize the curb appeal.

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If you are interested in implementing concrete into your luxury home remodel project for your Greater San Jose, California home, call Future Vision Remodeling, Inc and let our experts consult with you concerning your options. We will help you find the best fit and make your luxury home look amazing.

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