Walk in Bedroom Closet Organizer Storage Design & Layout Plan Ideas in Palo Alto, CA

If you are anxious to get started on your bedroom and master bath renovation, don’t overlook an opportunity to design the closet of your dreams. According to the knowledgeable design experts at Future Vision Remodeling, your closet space should be one of the most important components of the overall room design. No matter if you are single or married; living in a smaller townhome or a larger scale luxury home the truth is there never seems to be enough room for those all-important items: your clothes and accessories. Your closet should be much more than some hanging space and shelves, a well-planned closet should reflect your personal storage needs while being practical, convenient and beautiful in design.

Basics of Wardrobe & Closet Design

Consider this all important rule before meeting with your Future Vision Remodeling design team – take the time to really consider the smallest details of your closet design to ensure that it will be the one that you have always wanted. Your Future Vision Design expert will design a 3D image to recreate your requests as accurately as possible in terms of storage space, lighting, and the overall design and style.

Clothing Organizer & Storage Ideas

Begin by taking a few moments to really consider what you need in a walk in closet, for example do you work in a profession that requires business suits? Will you require additional shelving for folded items? Consider your hang ratio of long versus short items. Do you store summer and winter weather clothing between seasons? Do you want to incorporate space for bags, jewelry, sports gear, and footwear into your overall design? A full length mirror or mirrored door is another must have item for the perfectly designed closet.

Closet Lighting Fixtures & Ventilation

In the majority of cases, closets receive very little natural lighting so it is important to consider which type of lighting will work best in your space. Some considerations include surface mounted or recessed fixtures which can be used with florescent, incandescent or LED bulbs depending on your preferences. Other considerations include ensuring that your closet area receives good air circulation to help remove moisture. Adding an exhaust fan with at least one heating and cooling vent can work wonders by keeping your closet temperature comfortable all year long.

Expert Style Tips for the Perfect Closet Design

While there is no set rule when it comes to color palettes for your closet interior, your best bet is to go with lighter colors. Remember, the lighter the color, the more roomy your closet will appear. White, beige, silvery gray and paler shades of blue are sophisticated, beautiful and stylish. Your closet doesn’t have to be a spot of its own; instead your closet space can be a continuation of your bedroom so feel free to coordinate with the colors of your bedroom by working in an arm chair or ottoman which complements the overall style of your home. Consider adding a center island for additional storage options or choose custom cabinetry with classic neutral lines or add a personalized touch with plush flooring, cabinetry with frosted glass doors and stylish fasteners. Arrange your clothes by color to add a distinctive European boutique look to your finished closet.

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