2017 Luxury Kitchen Cabinet, Countertop, Appliance & Remodeling Design Trends in Los Gatos, CA

Do you want to transform your old outdated kitchen into a high-end luxury kitchen? When you make the decision to remodel your kitchen, your next step is deciding what changes or features you will want to add to your remodeling project. Future Vision Remodeling has a few suggestions that have been trending for those who want a high-end luxury kitchen. You will find these features and appliances will change your kitchen forever.

High End Counter Depth Built In Refrigerators & Other Kitchen Appliances

With the increased technological world we live in, there are more and more gadgets available. One amazing feature that many homeowners have been adding during a remodeling are high-end refrigerators that have a TV or LED screen that can be used to create inventory lists of the refrigerator contents or even create a grocery list. Additionally, high-end built in refrigerators can match almost any style of cabinet available and be installed flush with them, creating a smooth slick look to your kitchen.

Wine Vaults

If you’re the type of homeowner that collects and stores wine, there is one feature you don’t want to be without. Wine vaults are found in the most luxurious kitchens. These wine vaults can store up to 1000 bottles of wine that can be temperature controlled. They aren’t called wine vault for nothing. They have lock options and can be opened with a combination lock.

Best Stoves, Ranges & Microwave Drawers

Another appliance that you may want to outfit your kitchen with the newer high-end ovens. The newer ovens are able to cook 15 times faster than older ovens. If you get an oven stove combo, also consider adding a professional quality range. Most professional style ranges come in multiple choices of color to match your kitchen design. Another major feature that has become extremely popular during remodeling is to install a drawer microwave oven instead of the traditional microwave. These drawer microwave ovens have more space to reheat food and give the option to oven cook your food or microwave it for faster cooking.

Lava & Other High End Kitchen Countertops

Enough with appliances. Let’s talk about ideal countertops! Smooth countertops are much better to cook and prepare food on versus tile countertops. Natural stone really helps define a luxury kitchen. However there are other materials that are increasing in popularity. Wood, concrete, quartzite, copper and even recycled conglomerates are great materials that are trending this year. Another, not so popular, but extremely high-end material is pyrolave. Pyrolave is a rare material made from enameled lava that can cost up to $350 pre-square foot. Pyrolave can be colored and is a great way to make your kitchen pop and bring bright or vibrant colors to your kitchen.

Luxury Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Want to replace your kitchen cabinet with something less traditional? Bamboo cabinets are extremely strong and look great inside a kitchen. Bamboo is a sturdy material and grows quickly which is much more sustainable when it comes to caring for our environment. We find it odd they aren’t more widely used. Nonetheless, luxury kitchens have been adding these remarkable cabinets during kitchen remodeling projects with increasing frequency. Bamboo cabinets can be stained any color, much like traditional wood and they last longer. However they do cost more than regular wood, but most will claim it is a worthwhile investment.

Kitchen Remodeling Design & Construction in Redwood City, Foster City, Palo Alto, Saratoga, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, Campbell & Greater San Jose, California

These are but a few popular features and appliances being used in luxury kitchen remodeling. If you’re ready to take the next step forward in remodeling your outdated kitchen, and bring to life a modern high-end luxury kitchen, contact Future Vision Remodeling to begin your kitchen remodeling today!

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