Pros to Building a Casita, Guest House or Accessory Dwelling on Your Property in Cupertino, CA

Are you trying to decide about the best way to add square footage to your home and your property? There are several ways you can add square footage such as creating a space in your attic, adding a room and extending the home. If you are happy with the size and flow of your home but you want to add more you can use the installation and build of a guest house, accessory dwelling or casita. These terms simply mean a small house or building. The casita is often unattached from the main house but can be attached as well. The casita can be used in many different ways that will add value to your home and increase the square footage and living space. When adding a casita to your property you need to be aware of the legal obligations such as permits and allowances in your town, city or county. That is why it is important to contact a construction company that has the expertise in home building and contracting.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Several Reasons to Add A Casita, Guest House or Accessory Dwelling To Your Property

Family Needs A Place To Stay: Do you have parents that are elderly or retired and need a place to stay? Do you have children that are just starting out in life and are ready to start their own family? When you have adult family that need a place to stay it is always nice to offer your guest room for them but many times that puts your own family out. As much as you care about your family members you want to have your own space and so do they. A casita is a great place to have a couple or elderly parent stay that they can feel at home. The casita has a bedroom, living space, kitchenette and more. You can add as much or as little as you want to the casita to basically make an apartment for someone.
Home Office Setup Ideas: Have you ever been sitting at your kitchen counter trying to write a paper for school, work on a business proposal and have your family going about their business? The business does not always stay at the office and there are some projects and tasks that have to be done when you are home. The house might get too loud and distracting to get your focus in the right direction. If you do a lot of business at home a detached casita is a great addition for your sanity and your business ventures.
Casitas for Rent: Maybe you are not at a time in your life that you parents or adult children need a place to stay but a casita is a great way to add to your income. You can still build out the casita like an apartment and rent the space out. You can be picky about who takes over the space and add some money to your pocket in the process.

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