Adding Character to a Living Room or Other Custom Home Remodel in Santa Clara, CA

Regardless of style, you can add character your home’s remodeling project that sets it apart from the rest. When remodeling, people want the customized, luxurious options that make the home look aesthetically gorgeous while still enjoying the conveniences and comforts for daily living. Some details are overlooked during the remodel planning while people are busying themselves selecting the right materials and commodities. We at Future Vision Remodeling would like to suggest a few character points to incorporate into your remodel that will make a difference.

How to Add Character to a Plain House

1) Natural lighting. Natural lighting goes a long way. Where you still want to consider the ambient, recessed, and practical lighting for your remodel, the natural lighting is an exceptional way to add style to any room’s décor and making them feel brighter and airy. Especially so in the living room and bedrooms, a common option is to add large windows. If the floor-to-ceiling windows are not an option, double-hung windows, pane sidelights and even skylights in strategically selected rooms is an alternative. Well placed small square windows in the unexpected areas like a stairwell or landing can flood in some extra natural light as well. French doors or other glass door options are an elegant to illuminate the room with natural light.
2) Architectural Details. Having home rich in architectural details should be emphasized. Enhancing existing features and complementing them with new ones only makes sense during remodel. It adds more character to already existing beautiful focal points in the architectural design. Adding a covered porch with carved wood balustrades or other details around the window frames are a few examples. Regardless of the home’s age installing paneled wood wainscoting, incorporating built-in pieces of furniture in the living room or kitchen and rebuilding or adding crown molding and brackets in corners and over doorways can all be excellent ways to add character during your home’s remodel.
3) Historical Touches While Keeping Modern Conveniences. Old age, traditional elements, and historical features are all characteristics that can bring old-world charm. For example, hide the high-tech kitchen appliances behind weathered, intricate wood cabinetry, or opt for antique-looking features that still incorporate the modern commodities, and instead of the standard cabinetry, select soft colors such as milky white and earth pigments for larger, freestanding statement pieces. Additionally, you can instill the vintage-style window frames, distressed walls and ceilings, or natural stone tile for the countertops, flooring and in the bathroom that gives the effect you are looking for.

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These are just a few examples of what you can do to add character to your home’s renovations. It can help give your home a more customized, unique look, while still taking advantage of the trends that appeal to you. There are other ways you can do the same and together, we at Future Vision Remodeling, Inc can get your home remodeled in a fashion that better suits your tastes and accentuates the overall beauty of your home. Call us today to schedule your consultation and we will discuss your options.

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