Natural Stone & Other Most Popular Flooring Options in New Luxury Homes in Mountain View, CA

Everyone wants the best money can buy for the home, especially when they are looking to upgrade for the finer options. Whether you are looking to indulge into something more to your own tastes or increase your home value, having high-end materials in your remodel or upgrade is on your agenda, when finding the latest and best can be a challenge. We at Future Vision Remodeling would like to share some of the high-end flooring options for your luxury home.

High End Flooring Options

Natural stone flooring: Many people immediately think of natural stone of the natural stone when someone asks about the decadent and opulent flooring. Palaces are covered in beautiful stone flooring. One of the most expensive flooring options is stone. The harder and denser the stone, the more difficult and expensive it is to obtain, and the more the vivid the colors and the more the rare the stone is and the more unique the pattern is only elevates the cost. By the time you finalize the details and get enough quantity to cover the square footage and it reaches your door along with the budget for installation, the stone flooring is one of the most expensive additions to your home. Marble, for example, is one of the desirable natural stones. Where it can range in price, the highest quality marble is more expensive but well worth the investment as it looks amazing in any home. It is quickly becoming a trend in not only in entryways, but in kitchens and bathrooms as well because of its elegance, beauty, and shine.
Handmade Tile: Mosaic designer tile offers sophistication and customized style to your unlimited imagination. Handmade, designer Italian, antique reclaimed, glass, pebble mosaic, and custom design mosaic tile options are all within grasp, especially when price is not an issue. There are so many different styles, colors, designs, and patterns to choose from when it comes to handmade, high quality ceramic tile. Your home will be unique and luxurious with these beautiful tile options.
Exotic Hardwood Flooring: Rare wood makes anything more expensive. Looking for the most rarest and unusual material not only makes your floors unique and stylish, but the exotic hardwood from abroad will increase the value. For example, importing the lumber from South America and Africa will inflate the cost with transportation alone. Getting the exotic hardwood from other countries from a reputable supplier can definitely cost you, but it could be well worth the investment if you find something that suits your style.
Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring: Hand scraped wood is actually difficult to come by, but the hand scraped effect is still equally beautiful and modern production still offers fairly high-quality planks of solid oak. However, there are few artisans that do offer hand scraped hardwood where they scrape it by hand but finding a dealer can be a challenge.
Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring: Hardwood flooring with character is truly becoming a luxury and that is with the aged, reclaimed wood. It is scarce, exotic; originally hand scraped, and in many cases considered an antique all rolled into one. There is only so much pre-existing wood out that can be reclaimed and used. It is of high-quality and very desirable, making it fairly expensive.

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