Aging in Place Senior Citizen Kitchen Home Design for Elderly People in Palo Alto, CA

As we age, or for those who suffer from disabilities, certain areas of the home may require some alterations and changes to make everyday life more comfortable and safer. Future Vision Remodeling would like to focus on the kitchen, which is known to be the heart of every home. For those who suffer from disabilities, or for the elderly, Future Vision Remodeling will share some changes you can make to your kitchen to make cooking, cleaning and accessing your kitchen much easier.

Universal Design Education; What Are the Principles?

Universal design is a phrase often used in remodeling that’s directed toward the elderly or for those who are physically challenged. The main concept behind universal design is to make living spaces more accessible, comfortable, and above all; safer. Additionally, universal design is also intended to fit all household members of all ages and physical abilities. Most people while remodeling the kitchen for the elderly or disabled tend to favor flexibility and functionality, while is still being accommodating to all other household members. Here are some ideas that may fit your universal design remodeling needs.

Appliances & Fixtures for Senior Citizens

For those who may need a wheelchair to get around their home or other similar devices, or for those who have a hard time standing for long periods of time and need to sit down to do dishes, you may want to consider adjusting the sink. The actual height will vary depending of the needs of the person. You may need to make the sink higher for those who want a built-in setting so they can slip on the chair and slip off without difficulty. This removes much of the getting up and down. Those who are bound to a wheel chair may need to lower the sink and have it taper inward to provide leg room. The dishwasher should be near the sink and at the proper level. Additionally, if an individual is using a scooter, wheelchair, or other assistance providing maneuvering device, they will need plenty of space.

Pull Down Shelves & D Shaped Pulls on Kitchen Cabinets

Starting with the bottom cabinet, pull-out drawers installed inside the lower or bottom cabinets can greatly reduce the strain of bending over to reach inside for your kitchen items or goods. Adding pull-down shelves can help provide better access to those items without the need to completely remove or adjust cabinet levels. Also consider using “D” shape handles on all cabinets and drawers in the kitchen.

Aging in Place Countertops

Even in just small sections, countertops can be lowered to accommodate those bound to a wheel chair. For those who can still maneuver about, consider adding rails along your countertops. Some of the elderly suffer from poor balance. Sometimes these simple rails can help keep them stable as they maneuver around the kitchen. There are many tasteful ways you can add rails that still make a kitchen look beautiful. Choose an easily maintained surface for the countertops. This way they don’t have to spend extra time cleaning the countertops.

Best Non Slip Flooring for Kitchens

You may want to install non-slip flooring for those who can still walk. You don’t want the floors to be slick as this can become a major hazard for the elderly. Cork floors are a recommended material for non-slip flooring. There is also a wide range of non-slip tile you can choose from.

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These are but a few ideas you can apply when remodeling for the elderly or disabled. Depending on the household, you may want to partly remodel the kitchen or fully remodel the kitchen to fit the needs of the elderly or disabled. If you need a professional contractor to help you with your remodeling, Future Vision Remodeling can help make your kitchen more accessible for the elderly and disabled. Contact us today for a consultation for your universal designed kitchen.

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