Dream Bedroom Makeovers in Saratoga, CA; Best Paint Colors, Window Placement, Lighting & More

When you are looking to make a change in your home some of the most common areas are kitchens and bathrooms. They are a great place to remodel and renovate to increase the value of your home but there is a room that you want to look great if you plan on staying. The bedroom is a place that you need to be able to use to rest and get refreshed for the day ahead. You spend hours a night in your room and most people don’t have the room set up to increase relaxation. You should never overlook the bedroom but put some effort in what you do with the room. There are some great additions you can use to increase the high end feel as well as maximize the space.

Future Vision Remodeling Offers some Ideas to Makeover Your Bedroom

Furniture & Fixture Placement Matters: When you get in a bedroom most people are worried about the right look and flow of the room. The common placement of a bed means that an outer wall is where the bed is set. The issue is that your room is actually used to sleep! You need to get a full easy night of sleep and if you don’t you can be tired and irritable. The position of the bed may be causing you those restless nights. You want to reduce the noise and light that you will commonly awake a person at night. The best way to do that is to make sure that bed is placed away from doors and windows. This will help to reduce the amount of noise and light that will invade your bed so that you can sleep better. If you are remodeling the bedroom, you can install windows wherever you like!
Best Colors for Bedroom Walls: Your master bedroom suite is typically larger than the other bedrooms in your home (or it can be with home remodeling). This gives you many more options including combining and layering colors. It is a good idea to plan paint colors to compliment the master bathroom and any adjoining dressing or sitting areas as well. The best colors include cool and soothing blues as well as neutral colors.
Declutter Your Bedroom: Some people can get carried away with the amount of dressers, shelves and stands that are in a bedroom. You want everything that matches and fits the room but what tends to happen is these areas become cluttered. You want to use a maximum amount of open space in the room so that the clutter is lessened. When there is clutter in the room it can cause anxiousness and prevent you from being able to rest peacefully.
Lighting for Bedroom Ceilings: You want a bedroom to be dark so that you can feel peaceful and rest well but when you want to be up and getting ready you need enough light get the day started. One great way to do that is to use a dimmer in the room. You can adjust the light to a level that is best for what you are doing. You can also use lightbulbs that are less voltage then the ones you might use in a living space. Curtains and blinds are an important part of the room as well.

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