Aging in Place Senior Friendly Showers & Bathroom Makeover Designs for the Elderly in Cupertino, CA

As people age there are certain tasks that become more difficult to perform, especially all those that involve inside a bathroom. Even down to the basics of showering and bathing, using the sink or toilet can become a hardship each time the need arises. When you or a parent reaches that point, you may want to consider remodeling the bathroom to help make basic bathroom tasks easier to perform. Future Vision Remodeling would like to share some remodeling considerations for the elderly.

Senior Bathroom Remodel & Makeover

Grab Bars – Grab bars are a feature you can add around bath tubs, showers, and around toilets. They help provide extra stability for the elderly while they get up or down.
Lighting – When remodeling a bathroom, consider adding better light. As they age, the vision of some people begin to decrease or they develop other problems where they need better lighting to navigate around the bathroom.
Door Handles and Knobs – For those that develop vision problems or dexterity, installing larger door knobs in cabinets and faucet knobs can help assist in making basic uses in the bathroom easier.
Widen Doorways – Most standard door ways are between 32 and 36 inches wide. For the elderly that need to use a walker, wheel chairs, or scooter, you may want to rebuild the door way or threshold and make it wider to help make it easier to access the bathroom.
Sink and Counters – For bathrooms with a sink and countertop cabinet combos, it can pose a problem for those in a wheel chair. It can be difficult to wash hands or do basic cosmetics. Consider remodeling the bathroom’s sink and counter tops to accommodate a person in a wheelchair.
Non-Slip Flooring – When remodeling a bath for the elderly, you may want to add non-slip tile. Glossy tile or marble and even laminate flooring is smooth and somewhat slick. To prevent the elderly from slipping, it helps to add non-slip flooring. As many might know, it is hard for the elderly to retain heat. They often keep socks on their feet to help stay warm. Both socks and smooth floors add to the risks of slipping.
Toilets – The elderly often have a struggle getting up and sitting down on standard sized toilets. There are toilets that are 5 to 7 inches higher so that it is easier to sit down and get back up from using the toilet. There are different ways you can add height to a toilet; one is buying a higher sitting toilet or place toilet seat that gives some extra height.
Thermostatic Bath Valve – There are thermostatic valves that help control how much hot water is being used. By preventing too much heat coming from the shower or bath will insure you or your parent doesn’t get burned.

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You can completely remodel a bathroom to help make life easier for an elderly loved one. By either helping a parent or foreseeing that your life is catching up with you, you might want to take advantage of these features and remodel your bathroom to fit your current needs and easier living. For all of your remodeling needs, contact Future Vision Remodeling.

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