Second Floor Addition Plans? Adding Another Story to an Existing House in Los Gatos, CA

There are times when a household outgrows their current home. For those who would hate to sell or move out of their current home, but still require more space; consider adding onto your current home. For homes with limited property or space one way to add more square footage to your home is to go up. Adding a second story to some single story homes is an option. Future Vision Remodeling will share what considerations there are when adding a second story to a single story home.

Is Adding a Second Story to Your House Possible?

When adding a second story to your home it is important not only to make sure the additions work with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other internal workings of the home, but that the addition still flows and provides curb side appeal. Functionally, the add-on will also need to work. For example there are structural requirements necessary when adding on a second floor. Adding rooms, plumbing, electrical and etc. adds much more weight than just a roof. Before you begin designing and hiring a contractor to add a second story to your home, have the contractor come and inspect your home’s foundations and structural tolerances to first make sure the add-on is even possible. In older homes this is most important because even though some structures are in place doesn’t mean the material integrity can withstand the weight of a second floor. Remember the current structure will need to support the weight of the second floor and the roof which is a quite a bit of weight.

Interior Staircase Construction Details

Another consideration of adding a second floor is that a staircase will need to be added. Designing for a staircase on the original floor requires space and proper planning to the first story and the new second story design. The placement will need to flow with the upstairs floor plans and still fit with the first floor layout. Additionally, air ducts or cooling and heating systems will need to be redirected or added to accommodate the new floor. Power, plumbing, drainage, cooling and heating are a necessary part of the add-on floor. These things will also need to be put in place.

Window Installation, New Roof & House Cladding

Another consideration is adding windows. Do you attempt to match the original window design of the house, or while you’re adding a second floor, do you remove the first floor windows and change them out for new more efficient window that all match? This is will be up to the homeowner and part of what must be considered. External finishes can either match the original floor of the home or you can add a new style for more diversity as long as the entire home flows together. You can use the same design or change the entire outside shell of your home, thereby redesigning the look of your home. Lastly, don’t forget the style of roof. This is an opportunity to change or use the original type of roof and materials.

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If you are considering adding a second floor onto your single story home, Future Vision Remodeling is up for the challenge. We can help determine if your home is able to withstand a second floor and with our 3D imaging program design, the second floor plans that will flow with the home’s original design. To begin your second floor add-on or other home remodeling project, contact Future Vision Remodeling today.

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