Backyard Sport Court Layout Ideas in San Jose, CA; Miniature Golf, Basketball, Volleyball & More

Do you wish there was more to do in your backyard? Many people will add an outdoor living space to their backyard, which is great for relaxing or hosting friend and family gatherings. However, you can add more to your backyard than just sitting, dining, or cooking areas. For those who love to play sports with friends or to stay active, there are many backyard sport designs that can bring more enjoyment to your backyard. Future Vision Remodeling wants to share how you can add both a luxury outdoor living space and a fun backyard sports area.

Horseshoes or Croquet Court Layout

Both croquet and horseshoes are fun games to play for basic entertainment and can fit in almost any yard size. If you want a fun sport area in your backyard, yet you’re tight on space consider either horseshoes or croquet. For the best experience of both these sports you will want at least 40 feet of space. Horseshoe pits are a permanent fixture. A croquet course can be moved around and is not considered a fixed sport, so you don’t need to design your backyard to house croquet. However, you will want to consider having a lawn for this sport. Horseshoes use a sand pit and need some space when designing your yard. If you choose to have a horseshoe pit, make sure you account for the space and positioning of the area you want to use.

Backyard Miniature Golf Course

If you have a sizable backyard, miniature golf can be a fun and exciting sport to include in your outdoor space. Miniature golf is an entertaining sport for both kids and adults. Not only will miniature golf be a fun sport to add to your backyard, miniature golf features and designs can add and blend perfectly with yard vegetation. However, you can also just use a driving range which can be less intrusive on your backyard’s space and design.

Volleyball or Badminton Series

These are two backyard sports that require a bit of space and a net. By installing a court with a net, you can enjoy the sport of volleyball, badminton, and even tennis. Keep in mind a tennis court often needs much more space than volleyball or badminton. Both volleyball and badminton are fun sports and are a great way to stay active and where you can invite a group of friends to enjoy the game with you. However, the challenging aspect of installing a court for these two sports is creating beauty and harmony with the rest of your backyard design.

Backyard Basketball Half or Full Court

Basketball can be played on a full or half court where depending on your space. Whether it’s tight or you have plenty of room, you and your friends can enjoy this great backyard sport. Basketball hoops come in different heights where they can be installed permanently or if you have youth players alongside adults, consider investing in an adjustable hoop.

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When designing your backyard, most people get fixed on their garden or outdoor living space, or outdoor kitchen and dining. As many people enjoy the great outdoors, you might want to consider including backyard sports. In so doing, you will find you want to be outside more and enjoy activities with friends and family. For your luxury backyard designs and installation, contact Future Vision Remodeling.

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