Whole Home Remodeling in Campbell, CA; Renovating to Make Your Dream Home a Reality!

When looking for a home, many have an eye that can see beyond the face value. Architectural design, perfect location, and all the specs are right, but the presentation of the home is another story and remodeling is in order, preferably before moving in. In other cases, some people invest in the fixer upper with the intent to of up-scaling it to its full potential. Future Vision Remodeling would like to offer some reminders when taking on renovating the fixer upper you fell in love with.

Bought a Fixer Upper? Now What?

1) Expect the remodeling project to take time. It takes more than a couple weekends, even a few short months to completely remodel and re-sell a fixer upper home. Depending on the extent of the renovation, along with ordering and receiving the desired materials and the contractor’s scheduling. This project will take time and being prepared for the long haul can help you not lose patience.
2) Professional renovation assistance. Hiring a professional to handle your renovations is essential for the quality of the fixer upper; whether you intend to re-sell or keep it yourself. Luxury bathrooms, high-end features in the kitchens and superb materials used throughout the house to get it looking magazine ready is essentially accomplished by using a reputable remodeling contractor. In either scenario this fixer upper home is an investment and finding the right contractor is important; do the research and don’t be afraid to ask for references as you narrow down the options.
3) Anticipate delays throughout all of the home improvement stages. The details rarely go according to plan and bracing yourself for the detours and halts will help you keep sane through it all. Have funding available for emergency situations can help minor setbacks and get major issues back on track. Not only will emergencies occur, but as the house is getting gutted, other issues may arise that simply wasn’t included in the budget or overall process; costing additional funds as well as delaying the completion of the project.
4) Take pictures before, during, and after the renovations. Where patience is important because some jobs may seem never ending when checking on the progress of the workmanship through the progress of the photos, you will see reminders of just how much progress is actually being made. Wallpaper, for example, can take what seems like forever, and seeing the progress of the wall transformation will improve the impatience.
5) Keep your eye on the prize. The fixer upper is well worth the investment and hard work. No matter if it is for yourself or a resale. The experience is always an adventure and the stories, memories, and photos will be something that in the end will be extraordinary.

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When it comes to the remodeling of your fixer upper, call Future Vision Remodeling and let our experts get your home into the luxury quality you are looking for. Our specialists can consult with you on what increases resale value and what will decrease it and offer some guidance regarding maintenance and durability. Call us today to get started.

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