Bathtub Styles Buying Guide in Cupertino, CA; Alcove, Freestanding Clawfoot & Corner Tub

If you are looking to remodel an area of your home and you want the most out of your money then the bathroom is a great place to go. The bathroom is not only a room that you use each and everyday to get yourself ready but it can be a retreat from a long day. Many people choose this area to relax and unwind. The reason that it is a great place to unwind is none other than the bathtub! Having the perfect tub in your bathroom should take center stage when you layout your remodeling project. Don’t be afraid to try something new or go with something more unique! The bathtub that you choose actually can help when you try and resell your home down the road. Now you need to know what options are available to you.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Bathtub Options You Can Choose When Remodeling Your New Bathroom

Alcove Bathtub: If you want to go with a standard option then an alcove bathtub is the way to go. It is the most cost effective option that you can choose and they are often the simplest to have installed as well. The alcove tub is one that is fitted in a space that is enclosed with three walls and comes in the standard size of 60 inches. That is not very large if you want space to lay back and relax. It is a good option if you are looking to maximize your space or you have a bathroom that is lacking extra space. They are all rectangular in shape and are enclosed from the wall to the floor.
Freestanding Tub: When you are in a bathroom that has some space to use and you want a tub that makes a statement then a free standing tub is the one. The most common free standing tub is the claw foot tub. It is lifted off the ground with four claw shaped feet and that is why you want to have enough buffer space around the area. They also are a tub that is more of an antique look so it is great to keep that in mind when you decorate the area. You will need to pay a bit more for these tubs because they are manufactured to be left out in the open and uncovered.
Corner Tub: Are you one of the people that need to come home from a long day and lay in a nice tub to relax? Well than the corner tub is the way to go. The corner tub is not for you to bath the kids but to have your own personal spa time. Be prepared that this type of tub will in fact take up more space than other tubs but the relaxation is worth it. The tub often comes with jets and other amenities that help with soothing and relaxation. Be prepared to pay a bit more for this style because of the extras that it comes with.

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