Open Kitchen Shelving & Cabinets with No Doors in Los Gatos, CA; Styling & Design Ideas

A room that is a perfect place to start your home renovations is in the kitchen. The kitchen is an area that is used by all members of the family and often is a place that people congregate in. That is why it is so important to have a kitchen that is easy to use and open so that you can enjoy the company around your home. There are many of the elements to a kitchen that you can change and upgrade that will increase the usability and resale value of your home. One of the elements of a kitchen that you can make some modern, traditional or unique choices are the cupboards. If you want a fun and modern twist to your kitchen cupboards you can use open shelves. You may think that you can’t have all your dishes out all the time or they are not nice enough to show off. These are not a reason to overlook this option. There are some really great reasons that open shelving in a kitchen might be right for you.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists the Benefits of Open Shelves in Your Kitchen Renovation Project

Easy Access to Plates, Dishes, Glasses etc: Have you ever been in the middle of cooking food and you need to grab a bowl or plate quickly? If you have a standard cupboard that is more traditional you have to stop and open the cupboard. If you have open shelves the items are right at your reach and you can quickly grab what you need.
Open Shelves Help You Stay Organized: You might think that using open shelves is not for you because you can’t fit your items or you have too much and it looks unorganized. That is actually the best thing about using open shelves. You will need to go through what you have to put in the shelves and remove what you really are not going to use. You are removing clutter and only putting what you really plan on using on a regular basis. You can always use the lower cupboards to put away some of the items that you need access to. The other great thing is that you can use the space and not be inhibited by the space of a door that has to close.
Built In Décor: If you choose to update your kitchen and have it renovated you want to add some style to your home. You might spend time choosing the right décor for each room so it gives off the vibe that you want. The amazing thing about open shelves is that the items on the shelves have two uses. One is to use in the kitchen and the other is it will act as décor in the room!
Open Kitchen Shelves Design & Styling: When you have open shelves your eye can reach all the way to the back wall. That allows the room to feel and look open which is always an added benefit to any room in your home.

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