Best Exterior Front Entry Doors in Palo Alto, CA; Fiberglass, Steel, Wood with Glass Panels & More

When you are looking to update the front of your house there are several aspects you want to consider. Of course you want to make sure your front patio is laid out right. Do you want space to have a seating area? Do you need to have steps that lead to the space? You also want to make sure that the color of the exterior of the house fits the decor that you are trying to use. Lastly a great way to make a big impact on the front of the house is with the right door. The entry door to your home is the way you will be welcoming your guests. You want to choose the right door to fit your d├ęcor, style and design. There are lots of aspects of a door that you can choose from.

Future Vision Remodeling Offers Tips for How to Choose a Front Door Style

Fiberglass, Steel or Wood Front Door Material: There are several materials that you can choose from when picking out your new front door. The first and the most ornate option that you can choose from is wood. Natural wood is a great option because you can have it carved with as much intricacy that you want. The material can be painted or stained to show off its natural beauty. Wood is also a nice heavy door that adds a level of security as well. The other material that you can choose if you want a more affordable option is a fiberglass door. It will mimic some of the same looks as a wood door but you usually get the color that you order from the manufacturer. They are also not able to be customized as easily as a wood door. Lastly you can choose to have a steel door installed at your house. It is a durable and secure option but it may be a little too sterile for your home.
Wood Door with Glass Panels: The next part of choosing a front door is to decide if you want to have any windows in the door or around it. You can choose to have a cut out in the door that is laid in with glass. You can also have windows along the sides or even at the top of the door. You also want to make sure that you understand the type of glass that you want. You can have a frosted or stained glass to block out some of the view that might concern you. Windows are great to have on a door or around it so that you can let in the natural light and see out when someone comes to visit.
Front Door Colors for Brown, Gray & Other Houses: You also want to decide what color is right for you. Having a front door that is painted or stained a color that is unique is on the rise. You can do a nice black door or even a fun red or yellow door. It is a good idea to consult a professional in the installation as well as color of your door.

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