Does Building a Guest House or Accessory Dwelling Unit Add Value in Saratoga, CA

Guesthouses, granny flats or mother-in-law apartments, companion units, or any other accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are attached or separate housing units apart from the main house. It will have its own bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, and living space, allowing tenants to be completely independent from the main house. Many homeowners who have the extra space on their property have built the additional ADU whether it was to accommodate in-laws, family members, or simply for an investment to rent it out. Though these homes are small, the undertaking can be large. In most cases, when done properly, they add significant value to the home and offer other benefits to the homeowners. But like any construction project, there are considerations you must look at before diving in and we at Future Vision Remodeling, Inc would like to discuss them.

Considerations for Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit

1) Laws for zoning and building vary by municipality. Be sure to read the regulations of your county, town, or city thoroughly as zoning and construction laws that can vary significantly from those of the next jurisdiction over. You may easily be allowed to convert an existing structure, such as a detached shed or garage, into an ADU, if the laws permit, which can save a little money and space on your property.
2) Know if the subdivisions and homeowners associations allow ADUs. Though your town, city, or county laws may permit adding an ADU onto your property, the subdivision may restrict or forbid them all together. Make sure you research the HOA or subdivision’s rules and regulations first.
3) Hire an architect or contractor firm to help you with in the initial planning stages. In order to get the appropriate permits, you will want to work with an experienced contractor or architect to draw up plans to submit to your municipality’s planning department. The professional can help you integrate your wants and needs. You will likely discover restrictions on things like your ADU’s dimensions, required distance from property lines, general appearance and parking space requirements as you research your locality’s building laws. Ensure these regulations are already in your plans to avoid making changes later. Consider who it is for; for example, if it is for Grandma and Grandpa, consider their limitations or needs by having a ramp, or a shower with bar rails, and so on. Consider the neighbors and windows placement, where instead of a window facing the neighbors might be better avoided and a skylight be a better option, and so on.
4) Remember building an ADU is a construction project. Not only will you need to submit plans, but you need permits and follow the construction regulations and protocols. Incorporate standards addressing fire safety, sewer connections, water lines, distance from lot lines and many other such considerations reflected in your plans. Working with the contractors is a crucial stage to make sure everything is up to code and all the commodities are met. This is where selecting the luxury materials before it begins is ideal to avoid the production process.

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