Best Rated New Construction & Quality Replacement Windows During Remodels in Saratoga, CA

There are many remodeling projects that can help increase your home’s appeal. One remodeling project is to replace your home’s windows. There are many different styles of windows that can help increase your homes appeal and functions. Future Vision Remodeling will share the different styles of window installation or replacement that can increase your home’s window function and beauty.

Best New Construction & Replacement Windows

Picture or Stationary Windows – A picture or stationary is a window that doesn’t open or close. It is what most will consider a mixed window where it provides a view but doesn’t require the function of opening or closing. Picture windows are inexpensive and great for high or not easily accessed areas inside your home.
Single or Double Hung Windows – One of the most popular options that provides both insulation and optional ventilation, is a single or double hung window. Single hung windows slide down in a single direction where the double hung windows slide open from two directions, creating double air circulation. Many claim they are great for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Sliding Windows – Sliding windows are often confused with hung windows because they both slide open and closed. However, the sliding window slides from side to side where hung windows will either slide up or down. Both sliding and hung windows are inexpensive to install and work great in providing insulation and ventilation.
Bi-fold Windows – Bi-fold winds look much like sliding widows when locked in place. However, it functions much more differently. Instead of sliding open they use a hinge and fold together like a fan. Bi-fold windows have a classy look and design that adds to the feel of your home. However, because bi-folds are more complex, they tend to be more pricy compared to hung, sliding or picture windows. Those who have invested in bi-fold windows claim to love them and feel it was a worthwhile investment.
Bay Windows – Bay windows are made of three to four windows that create an alcove. They are often used in living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. Bay windows are a popular design that adds more space as well as a decorative look to a room. The windows actually used for bay windows can vary from hung, sliding and picture window, depending on the function the homeowner wishes to have. Bay windows are great for making a room feel bigger and bring in more natural light.
Arched or Rounded Windows – Arched or rounded windows are usually fixed windows that are often used to add extra light for areas with limited or small wall space. They are also used for decorative or accents windows.
Egress Windows – Egress Windows are specially designed windows used for basements. They help bring in natural light and are even big enough to act as a fire escape in the event a person is unable to leave the basement should a fire occur. It is important the egress windows are installed correctly and to code for the safety feature they are meant to provide to homes.
Glass Blocks – Glass blocks are used to add natural light to bedrooms and bathrooms, yet still provide privacy. However, they are also used in other areas of the home as decorative features that act as a wall yet provide plenty of lighting.

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These are some of the best and most popular window options that you can add to your home during a remodeling project. For those looking to refurbish their windows or add windows to their home during their next remodeling project, contact Future Vision Remodeling today.

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