Best Ways to Finish & Renovate a Basement in Mountain View, CA to Convert into Living Space

When you think about the areas of your home that most people upgrade and renovate, most often the bathrooms and kitchens are at the top of the list. Of course they are the two areas that many buyers will look at as a way to determine if they want to buy or not. They are also areas that are used often by all members of the house and any guests that come by. Although these are great areas to look at you also should consider space that is unused or underused. The Attic, and if you are lucky enough to have a basement, are often just overlooked as space that is unfinished. But when you choose to convert your basement from storage to a usable a livable space you are adding to the home’s value too. This is a way to add space that may be needed for a growing family or if you are a host to visitors and parties a finished basement is usually a great space for these events. You want to be sure that you get the most out of your basement and you want to it to feel like the rest of the house as well.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Ways to Convert Your Basement to Increase Living Space

Basement Entertainment Ideas: If you are a family that seems to often have parties, dinners, get together and events at your home, you may think about this being the reason for the basement renovation. The basement can be first made into a space that has the ability to house tables and chairs, couches or space to dance. You can also add a bar in the basement so that you don’t have to keep going upstairs to gain access to drinks and ice. You can use part of the basement as a wine cellar for a sleek and modern adult space. This is a way to make the basement space high end and useful so you can lay it out to fit any type of party or dinner.
Basement Meditation Room or Home Office: It seems that more and more people have part of their business or work that comes home with them. There is always work to be done and often a desk off the kitchen just won’t give you the space or the peace you might need. Using the basement as a quiet space that has a desk for work or to pay bills or an area to grab a book and relax is a great way to use this space. Your home office will be the envy of the neighborhood. No more yelling children while you take your next conference call.
Turning Basement into Gym: Another way to use the basement is to have a home gym installed. People are just too busy to get in all the tasks that are on their schedule. A great way to carve some space out of your day is to be able to workout at home. Having your own home gym will not only increase the chances that you will use it but can also save you time in your already busy day.

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