Choosing Under Cabinet, Pendant & Other Lighting for Your Kitchen Renovation in Campbell, CA

When you are making decisions about upgrading the look and feel of your kitchen there are many areas to consider. You may look at the layout and decide that it does not work for you and what you want to do with the kitchen. You can have a professional come out and make a design plan with you and show what potential there is for your kitchen. Now you need to make some decisions about the décor and look or the kitchen such as what color paint for the walls. You also need to decide on counters, flooring and cabinet style and color. These are just a few of the main areas that you will get the opportunity to make changes to. One are that might be overlooked but when done right makes a huge impact is the lighting. After the renovation you don’t want to walk into a dark kitchen that lacks the appropriate amount of lighting. You might think that lights are just light but you might be surprised at the options that are available to you.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Ways to Use Lighting to Upgrade Your Kitchen Renovation

Under Cabinet LED Lighting: When you are having your new kitchen designed don’t pass up on under cabinet lighting. The cabinets are at two levels, one being at the level of the floor and one that is hung on the wall hanging over the other cabinet. When you choose under cabinet lighting you can have better visibility while you are prepping food. You can have several types of under cabinet lights such as LED strip lights. They give out a larger amount of light and the LED will last longer than a standard bulb. A puck light is another great option for someone that wants to shine light on a particular area. The puck light will give off a more defined area of light which is great for displaying items on your counters.
Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island: Now that you know what exists for under your cabinets you can look for lights on the ceiling. Many people just go with the standard can light which is a great idea but using some fashionable choices might be better. One option that you can use is called a pendant light. They are great for above the bar area of your kitchen. You can have a series of pendant lights that help to add light to the area as well as give the island a more inclusive feel.
Cabinet Uplighting: When you are adding lights to the underside of the cabinet you are using the light in a purposeful manner. If you want to add light to give your kitchen a brighter look use cabinet uplighting. The lights are installed on top of the cabinets and throw a beautiful glow the room.

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If you are interesting in going over the lights that are best for your kitchen renovation you should meet with a home remodeling company. Future Vision Remodeling offers home renovations and upgraded lighting options as part of our kitchen and home remodeling services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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