Best Remodeling Tips for a Vacation Rental House or Apartment Investment Property in Sunnyvale, CA

Vacation homes are designed to convenience guests and it’s important to keep comfort in mind. If you have had a cute little vacation home for decades, the once charming fixtures, carpet selection, and overall design of the home is outdated to say the least. With modern technology advancing rapidly, there is likely many things you want your vacation home to represent, whether it is your home away from home, or if you use it as an investment and rent it out to vacationers. Instead of leaving the vacation home empty until you or a loved one utilize it, getting it ready for a rental property upgraded for smart remodeling and to accommodate your needs and the needs of guests is ideal. We at Future Vision Remodeling would like share a few upgrades that are optimal for any vacation home and/or rental home.

Remodeling a Vacation House or Apartment

1) Bathrooms: Bathrooms are important for your vacation home, and if possible having a designated bathroom for every bedroom in the house is beneficial. When designing the bathrooms, hot tubs are trending as opposed to the indoor bathtub, but, luxury showers featuring steam showered heads and multiple jets are exceptional. If you really want to spoil yourself and the guests that come in between visits, invest in heated bathroom floors Timeless design options include contemporary and natural materials with neutral colors if you don’t want to have to worry about future remodels.
2) Energy Efficient Upgrades: If it has been awhile since the home has had a facelift, chances are the appliances are outdated. Energy efficiency will not only make your home more comfortable, but it will conserve utility costs; from LED lights to smart-home technology that prepares your house before arrival, you can get your home modernized with many energy efficient advantages.
3) Creative, Yet Functioning Bedrooms: Your vacation home may have a limited footprint or must report to an architectural review committee to address the density of the development, despite that multi-generational families or corporate retreats need a lot of space. Consider remodeling a home to be more flexible when sleeping arrangements are limited. For example, bunk rooms and living rooms with convertible couches and cots can make all the difference are fairly obvious, or you can also opt to have your contractor create additional bedrooms above the garage.
4) Durable Construction Materials: When it comes to the materials used for your consider durability above all else. Quartz countertops, hard surface flooring, and select quality materials for sinks, toilets, faucets, and other essentials should be able to take abuse, as if you decide to rent out the vacation home, you do not know how well people will treat your property; these upgrades will help you to avoid maintenance and repair issues.
5) Modern Technology: With the help of your contractor, have an easy place where you set up the WIFI to reach every room in the home; don’t forget about television equipped with cable, satellite or online resources for entertainment in every bedroom and in the living area. Keep the HVAC system simple to use along with sophisticated yet simple commodities.

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